Op-Ed: As Canada’s Government Falters, Will Cryptocurrency Gain Ground?


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Canada's government is failing the people. According to www.debtclock.ca the Canadian Government is in debt to taxpayers to the tune of 657 billion dollars. This begs the question: how can they still pay the people after they have already liquidated the rest of their gold reserves? They seem single-mindedly intent on seeing how long they can run deficits before taxpayers notice. Canada's treasuries are empty, yet the government continues to pay workers in the unbacked currency. Unbeknownst to most taxpayers, they are willingly handing over their labor and selling their products for a currency that is essentially worthless.

How long this charade can go on is anyone's guess, but the clock is ticking; it's time for cryptocurrencies to start making headway in Canada and for the people of Canada to get prepared for what's about to come. Irrespective of party in power or leader, if the Canadian Government pushes their luck much further they will find themselves on the receiving end of a mass uprising, as even the docile, meek, and timid, become fearlessly enraged.

The Con Before The Storm

As part of their election campaign, the Canadian Liberal Party promised that Canada would become the first post national state (sic). Their campaign promise quickly bore fruition, as their virtuosity attracted scores of desperate, hungry people, that could be used as pawns when necessity permitted. International investors like George Soros also took note. Soros made much of his fortune by causing nations to collapse and betting on it. He was only too eager to provide advice and counsel to the rookie Liberal leadership. This little immigration scheme meant taxpayers were left on the hook to the tune of 270 million dollars to cover the cost of illegal border crossings, and that figure is still growing. This taxpayer funded mass migration also includes the taxpayer funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who shouted the Liberal's mass migration mantra from the top of a mountain, so to speak.

Now I could write a long lecture about how descendants of people who were historically nomadic are more likely to have similar tendencies today, but I don't want to bore you with the details. My point with all this, is that Canadian left wing parties exploited this tendency for political gain, and broadcast a dog whistle that was heard by hungry masses across the world. We are beginning to see that this dog whistle was the precursor to a rapid rise in racial tensions in Canada. To the untrained observer this would appear to be a dumbfounded error, but it was in fact a cold calculated move to give the government a scapegoat. Historically the best way to stop an uprising when a country ran out of money was to put up a smokescreen. Then as far as the everyday Canadian would be concerned, they didn't lose their job because the treasury had gone dry, they lost their job because of immigrants.


Can A Cryptocurrency Help Canadians Serve Each Other?

One of Canada's odd quirks is that many Canadians rely heavily on the government as a provider, and that government is legally obligated to do nothing of the sort. The only obligation that Canadian public servants have is to serve the Queen of England. Even immigrants new to Canada must pledge allegiance to the Queen of England. All laws in Canada currently must be approved by a representative of the royal family, any leader in Canada must be approved by a royal representative, the royal family owns close to 90% of the land which is effectively held in (c)overt trust, and for the most part they have controlled our economy since 1938 with the Crown owned corporation, Bank of Canada. It is of my opinion that parts of the Canadian government are tasked with throttling the flow of information from the outside world, so the Crown's corporations can profit first and become a well-entrenched monopoly before letting the taxpaying subjects kill each other over the scraps. A free market can never develop under these conditions, let alone flourish.

Canada's government is not serving the people, that much is clear, and sadly this comes as no surprise because their mandate is to serve the Queen. The majority of Canada by land area has no clean drinking water, an unreliable food supply and unhealthy diet, no internet or mobile network, and inadequate medical services. One in five Canadian children live in poverty, and that number jumps to 40% for first nations children. Yet the government manages to spend more money than they take from taxpayers every single year. It would not surprise me one bit if the Inuit people and first nations north of the Arctic Circle turned to Russia for basic amenities, similar to how Canadians helped the allies resupply the Northern Soviet Union on the Murmansk run during World War 2. As it stands the Canadian Government has done very little to address the poverty (aside from superficial platitudes) that was caused by settling on a nomadic peoples traditional hunting ground. If the Russian people are in a better position to improve the Inuit's standard of living than the Canadian Government is, then hats off to them.

Cryptocurrency offers a unique opportunity for Canadians, it gives all Canadians the opportunity at real sovereignty. Not akin to the conditional phony-sovereignty granted by the British North America act, which our ancestors were tricked into accepting by the British Monarchy and their loyalists over 150 years ago. We have a real chance at real sovereignty, drawn up any way you can imagine, devoid of any Royal puppet strings. A blockchain based land registry can be used to register claimants title rights when the 90% of Canadian land currently held in trust for the royal family is divided up or auctioned with the beneficiary being a public escrow or heritage fund. I would imagine a large portion of the land will go to its initial owners, the first nations people.

Since Canadians can ditch the inefficiencies of our middle-aged governance model, we will also be able to pass some of those savings on to our trading partners. I would assume that the UK, and other countries living under monarchist rule, could do the same and in reciprocal fashion pass on some of their savings to us. Cryptocurrency will allow trade relationships to occur directly from person to person, never requiring middlemen to settle the financial transaction, and never requiring royal approval to complete. The currencies used in our trade relationships will be stronger, more transparent, less prone to manipulation behind closed doors, and everyone on the financial network follows the exact same algorithmically dictated rules. Even the people who program the rules that these algorithms enforce can't break them. Cryptocurrency will effectively kill Canada's crony capital industry, and I can only assume that our trading partners will be most appreciative.


When It All Comes Crashing Down...

When the jig is finally up and the people realize that they have been fooled, everything will collapse in a hurry. How we proceed forward is up to Canadians. I'm as up for carrying pitchforks, torches, and hanging the whole lot of them as any of you are, as was customary in middle aged times. But it would be a much more constructive use of our time and mental capacity to keep everything running as close to normal as possible and keep that societal precedent alive as opposed to allowing anarchy to become the new norm. Sure, we might have an entire economy of people volunteering to help each other, trying to keep society functioning. Eventually these persistent volunteers who keep society running will find a way to capitalize on their efforts and will be rewarded for their dedication. All public works would be privatized and owned by the people doing the work, and those who play crucial support roles in the form of training, education, and resource provisioning. Groups such as public works unions and first responders could use ICO's to self-fund their own operation, while putting their currency or token in the hands of the people who are paying for their services, effectively making them stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Then comes the problem of how to deal with people who were criminals under the former system. Since the legal system in Canada is wholly owned by the crown, there will be no employees left and Canadians would likely question those ex-crown employees' ability to adjudicate in an unbiased manner. A council of bondable individuals will need to reassess every criminal sentence in modern Canadian history to see how they stack up to the new code of ethics. This doesn't necessarily mean give everyone a get out of jail free card.  Due process must be used, including re-adjudication, resulting in dismissal, adjustment, continuation, or extension of sentence when appropriate. Distribution of the updated criminal record database could be streamlined and secured using blockchain technology. The new law book could also be distributed immediately with blockchain, being tamper resistant, with capability of automated voting on any prospective or existing laws.

Another likelihood I've entertained is the possibility that Canada may be divided up into smaller nations who function more cohesively as a populace, perhaps some provincial governments will even assume the roles that the federal government once tended to. This would permit the necessity for multiple cryptocurrencies to algorithmically dictate the agreed upon rules for each respective financial network. I have no doubt there will be a few proud loyalists left standing, who for whatever reason choose to stick with the queen’s standard. I would expect them to perish yet another overly stubborn victim of Darwinism.

Eventually we will all need to wake up, get off the Queen’s farm, and implement our own mediums of exchange, and stores of value that are up to global trade standards; lest we become an isolated nation. It will be a struggle getting ourselves out of this mess, but if we remain resilient and focused, we will be much better off in the long run. The blood, sweat, and tears that Canadians put into their labor, will be their own to spend as they wish. No longer will Canadians’ hard-earned money be put to work for someone else; instead of being fed scraps by master after you yourself produced the food, well-managed cryptocurrencies have the potential to let Canadians eat their whole meal.


Author: Brandon Cheliak

Education Director for DNotes and co-founder of DNotesEDU

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