Bitcoin Is the Ideal Currency for This New Planned Society

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If you were looking for the perfect environment to fully adopt a digital currency as their main form of monetary exchange, a village in the sea, self-sustaining and entirely independent from any country, would probably be it. With the project currently seeking funding by Marinea, that is the exact society that they are looking to create, and have announced that they will adopt Bitcoin as the currency for this new society, that will be based between Miami and Cuba..

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When Bitcoin was released back in January 2009, it marked a change in what we view as currency, and has since been at the vanguard of the move to decentralize fiscal power and offer users an alternative to the existing systems. With that in mind, it is perhaps the perfect choice of currency for Marinea, a company that is at the planning stage of a new, self-sustaining community that will be built between Miami and Cuba.

Dubbed a ‘Village in the Sea’, Marinea aims to create an environment that allows residents to gain independence from the many issues that come with life today. Affordability, food availability, water and energy provision are all aspects of infrastructure that Marinea aim to create in a replicable manner so that other societies can be developed in a similar manner. These floating cities, referred to as ‘seasteads’, are hoped to provide residents with a better, more economical standard of living and change the way people think about the kind of environment we need to live comfortably.

With the ideals and aims of the project, the choice of Bitcoin as the adopted currency of the village on the sea seems natural, it fits precisely what they are trying to achieve, and of course, brings other benefits that suit the environment perfectly. Digital and easy to transfer across borders, for an isolated society based at sea, a digital currency is a solution that simply works, an obvious choice to make. However, as obvious as it may be as a choice, it does still represent a significant development for the wider cryptocurrency industry.

This is because it demonstrates recognition of the idea of digital currencies from a project completely outside of the industry, and while some may argue a counterculture project is not ‘mainstream’, that they have chosen and are promoting Bitcoin to a wide demographic is itself helpful to the industry itself. This kind of awareness shows that even outside the industry itself, the idea of digital currencies, in particular the ability to easily and cost efficiently make cross border transactions, has gained traction with a much wider audience.

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