Bitcoin Weekly Recap 1-22-2016

Bitcoin Weekly Recap 1-22-2016


Annual TNABC Held in Miami

This week, the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) saw the industry’s leading lights gather in Miami to present new ideas and discuss the full range of technological and conceptual innovations surrounding FinTech’s ongoing innovation revolution. The conference focused on digital currency payment system innovation and blockchain technology, and included presentations from companies like Tierion, Ledger,, and LP Blockchain Capital.

Gatecoin Added to SuperCharger Accelerator

Bitcoin exchange Gatecoin was recently added to the Supercharger Accelerator’s list of participants, and will be taking part in the accelerator’s program over the course of the next three months. The firm will have the opportunity to work closely with advisors provided by the program sponsors, and will also receive the benefit of working closely with experts from companies like PayPal ad Barclays.

During the accelerator program, Gatecoin is expected to continue work on a current project that seeks to integrate its Bitcoin brokerage and remittance solutions into an international banking system. The results will be presented in a proof of concept demonstration at the program’s conclusion in April.

CoinTree Adds Recurring Bitcoin Purchase Option

Customers who have been looking for a way to use their bank accounts to make recurring Bitcoin purchases will soon have that option. The Australian exchange CoinTree recently announced that the recurring purchase feature will be added to its services beginning on January 26, 2016. The new option fulfills some customers’ desire to actively acquire the cryptocurrency on a steady, gradual basis, enabling them to continually expand their holdings without regard to the ups and downs of the market. To protect its customers, the exchange is also implementing set intervals between purchases, and limiting the amount of each purchase to no more than AUD $200.

International DD4BC Ransom Investigation Yields Two Arrests

Thanks to the combined efforts of Europol and the law enforcement agencies of various world governments, the investigation into the hacking group DD4BC has resulted in two arrests in less than a month. The hackers have allegedly spent much of the last year engaged in anonymous attacks on a number of high-profile banks, financial companies, and web platforms, for the express purpose of demanding Bitcoin ransoms.

According to reports, the two suspects who have been arrested are believed to be leaders of the group, and were apprehended in Austria. The investigation is expected to intensify in the coming months, as authorities work to identify other members of the hacking group.

Chinese Citizens Warned to Avoid MMM Global Scheme

Officials in China have reportedly issued a warning to the nation’s citizens, urging them to avoid involvement with MMM Global. The warning came from multiple Chinese agencies, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the central bank, and emphasized the government’s belief that MMM Global’s Bitcoin investment offering is a dangerous Ponzi scam.

San Francisco Bay Area Tops New List of Bitcoin-Friendly Cities

For people interested in spending their Bitcoin in the real world, the San Francisco Bay area is the place to be. According to a new list from Crypto Coin News, The Bay area has almost 200 places where Bitcoin enthusiasts can spend the cryptocurrency just as they would any other type of money. The newly compiled list relies on data compiled by Coin Map, and lists a total of seven U.S. cities among the top eleven Cryptocurrency-welcoming places on Earth.

Jamie Dimon Still Hates Bitcoin…

In a recent appearance on CNBC, JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon once again reminded the world just how he feels about Bitcoin. In a discussion with host Andrew Ross Sorkin, Dimon was asked to comment on the cryptocurrency, and offered yet another gloomy assessment. After expressing his belief that Bitcoin’s potential as a real currency is “going nowhere” he noted that even if it ever did gain traction, “the governments would stop it.”

Dimon has been a regular and consistent critic of Bitcoin and the whole concept of digital currency, and has made similar predictions in the past. As recently as last year, he confidently asserted that no government would long permit cryptocurrencies to remain outside of centralized control.

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