Bitcoin Weekly Recap 2-26-2016

Bitcoin Weekly Recap 2-26-2016


CTFC Bitcoin Advisor Chou: Blockchain without Bitcoin Concept ‘Misguided’

In a recent interview with the New York Business Journal, LedgerX CEO Paul Chou called the current effort by many companies to separate blockchain technology from Bitcoin or other digital currencies is “extremely misguided.” Chou, who serves as Bitcoin advisor to the United States Commodities and Futures Trading Commission, argues that cryptocurrency and distributed technology must remain linked for the blockchain to achieve the mainstream adoption envisioned by the industry.

The debate over whether blockchains can thrive without some system to incentivize the maintaining of a wide distributed ledger network is one that has put a large number of digital currency advocates at odds with executives in the financial sector and startups pursuing the types of solutions Chou views as unrealistic.

Confronting Bitcoin Challenges at MIT-Hosted bitcoin Expo in March

The MIT Bitcoin Club is slated to host its latest Bitcoin Expo next weekend, and this year’s gathering will have a strong focus on exploring the challenges facing the cryptocurrency. The event is being held on March 5th and 6th at the Samberg Conference Center located on the school’s campus.

Speakers will include Digital Asset Holdings CTO Shual Kfir, Bitcoin Core developer Jonas Schnelli, and others selected by event organizers. The MIT Bitcoin Club is part of the Blockchain Education Network, and works to provide forums for study, discussion, and development of Bitcoin ideas.

E-Coin to be integrated into Wirex Service

Wirex Limited this week announced that it is launching a personal banking service for a global audience that includes customers located in some 130 nations. As part of the Bitcoin debit card company’s efforts, its E-Coin will also be rebranded and integrated into the new solution.

According to Wirex, its success with E-Coin demonstrated that there was a demand for solutions providing app-based mobile banking, 2-way debit cards, and real-time remittance capabilities. The new solutions from the company provide a more comprehensive banking option that can meet the needs of a more diverse range of consumers.

Hong Kong Meeting Produces Some Agreement on Bitcoin Challenges

Earlier this week, a group of Bitcoin industry representatives gathered with developers in Hong Kong to discuss many of the challenges confronting the world’s most well-known digital currency. The gathered representatives, who refer to their group as the Bitcoin Roundtable, released a statement that may provide the first real glimmer of hope for progress. That statement and its detailed areas of agreement can be read here.

Former Green Beret Explains How He Could Disrupt Bitcoin

Conspiracy theories abound these days, and there are many who see organized and sinister forces colluding against the people at every turn. Even within the Bitcoin community, there are those who believe that there are forces seeking to undermine public acceptance of digital currency. A recent guest post from green beret Blake Miles published on Bitcoin Magazine provides an interesting look at how he thinks those shadowy groups might attempt such a takedown.

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