Bitcoin Weekly Recap 4-22-2016

Bitcoin Weekly Recap 4-22-2016


Dominican Republic Has Its First Bitcoin ATM

The Dominican Republic recently joined the growing list of nations gaining easier access to Bitcoin, as Santa Domingo became the first city in that country to serve as host to a Bitcoin ATM. Many experts are viewing this as just another sign of the region’s growing affinity for the digital currency, and a critical step in achieving greater acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency in that part of the world. The machine is a Lamassu ATM, has no limits on Bitcoin purchases, and offers no option for conversion of cryptocurrency to other currencies.

Shift Bitcoin Card Expands to Two More States

US-based Shift recently expanded the customer base for its Shift Card to include Virginia and Florida. The addition of those states to the company’s service market now means that Shift’s reach extends to a total of 37 states, and that number is all but certain to grow in the months ahead. For users with access to Shift services, the company’s Bitcoin debit card works at any location or online site where VISA is accepted, providing easy access to Bitcoin purchasing power even for consumers with minimal access to banking services.

34 Bytes to Offer Free Bitcoin Payment Processing During Merchant Beta Test

San Francisco-based 34 Bytes LLC has announced free Bitcoin payment transactions for merchants testing the company’s payment terminal as part of its Merchant Beta Testing Program. The free trial enables those merchants to enjoy six months of free payment processing as they test the device’s functionality. At the end of the test period, those merchants keep the 34 Bytes POS terminal.

The free offer during Beta is mutually beneficial to both parties. Merchants will become more familiar with the technology’s capabilities, and 34 Bytes will receive critical feedback that can inform future development efforts. Though terminals may seem to be something in danger of being completely phased out as smartphones and similar technologies continue to become more ubiquitous, this California firm is betting that there’s still room in the merchant market for state-of-the-art POS solutions.

Twentieth Instacoin Bitcoin ATM Installed in Canada

As the drive to install more and more Bitcoin ATMs around the world continues to gain steam, Instacoin recently met a major milestone with the installation of its twentieth Canadian machine. The company this week added three more Bitcoin ATMs in the country: one in Toronto, and two in Ontario. All three of the machines were placed at cash shops, which should provide easy access for Canadian customers to purchase Bitcoin during most parts of the day.

Daishin and Coinone Unite to Increase Bitcoin Acceptance in South Korea

Daishin Securities has agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding as part of a united commitment to help advance the cryptocurrency environment in South Korea over the next several years. South Korea is currently one of several countries that is less than welcoming to the idea of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, so the union of blockchain startup Coinone with one of that country’s largest banking and securities firms may prove vital if the new technology is to make any serious headway in the near future.

The union will help pave the way for the launch of a new Korean Won Bitcoin exchange, even aas Daishin customers are provided with their own Bitcoin wallets. A number of undisclosed innovations and developments are planned after that, designed to provide a variety of Bitcoin and FinTech services to the country’s consumers.

Sebpay Surpasses $15 Millions Turnover Mark

In just its first ten months of operations, Indian bitcoin wallet service Zebpay has achieved a major transaction milestone as it surpassed the $15 million turnover mark. Much of that achievement is due to the heavy Bitcoin use among wealthier customers and more technologically-minded individuals, including not only payments and the accumulation of Bitcoin holdings but regular trading as well.

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