BITPoint Japan Plans to Facilitate Bitcoin Payments for Retailers

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Bitcoin exchange BITPoint Japan has announced plans to continue its efforts to increase access to payments for consumers and retailers alike. After helping Peach Aviation in the airline’s quest to begin accepting Bitcoin payments from passengers by the end of 2017, BITPoint’s next Bitcoin plans reportedly involve a partnership that could provide hundreds of thousands of retailers with the ability to accept the digital currency in their stores.

In a statement quoted by Bloomberg, BITPoint president Genki Oda described the company's current effort to bring digital currency payment options to more Japanese retailers:

“We’re holding discussions with a retail-related company. By going through a company providing payment terminal services to shops, we have the possibility of increasing its use at one stroke. It’s easier than talking to lots of individual retailers.”

Oda also revealed that his company is in talks with a “big convenience store operator” to bring Bitcoin functionality to its stores as well – though he suggested that additional news about that potential deal might not be forthcoming until 2018. The company’s retail deals are part of its effort to facilitate broad adoption of Bitcoin across Japan, as the nation’s businesses have started to become more interested in digital currency options for their customers.

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