Blockchain Association of Ireland to Launch This Week

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This week will see the launch of the Blockchain Association of Ireland, a non-profit distributed ledger advocacy group committed to promoting blockchain technologies and establishing Ireland as a “global hub for innovation” in FinTech areas. The non-profit association has committed itself to working with other groups in the country to help ensure that Ireland is well-positioned to benefit when blockchain technology starts to realize its potential for transforming the global marketplace.

According to the BAI website, this goal will be achieved through engagement with a wide variety of agencies and organizations that are expected to have an impact on the development and adoption of the technology. The BAI will seek to work more closely with policymakers and regulators, as well as entrepreneurs, other non-profits, and educators, to help shape the ongoing public conversation about distributed ledger technology. In addition to its promotion of the technology, the association plans to organize events, lobby on behalf of FinTech innovation, and work to connect startups with larger companies and investors. Co-director Reuben Godfrey described the group’s goals to the Irish Times:

“The association primarily bridges the gap between informal and formal networks to open the public dialogue and advance Ireland as an innovative hub for technology and the multiple societal and commercial applications of blockchain. We are non-profit and member-led and will facilitate workgroups, seminars, and trainings with the aim of producing practicable white papers in all the key verticals [specific markets]. We aim to bring the Irish blockchain community together at our annual summit, Deepgreen 2017, in April of next year.”

The Blockchain Association of Ireland will be officially launched in south Dublin, at the Bank of Ireland Innovation Workbench on December 14, 2016.


Author: Ken Chase

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