Blockchain Merges with Artificial Intelligence Courtesy of IBM

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IBM Asia Pacific recently opened its new incubator center in Marina Bay Singapore, focusing on providing rapid prototyping abilities to Asia-Pacific Businesses through its 5,000 scientists. At the launch of this ambitious project, CEO Randy Walker noted that they will be merging both blockchain and their Watson AI tools into the processes to provide rapid prototyping, in addition to other blockchain research and development applications. This amalgam of two emerging technologies provides a unique platform for scientists in the future.

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At the launch of its new rapid prototype development center, called the Watson center and located in Singapore, they announced the process would use both Blockchain and existing Watson AI tools. Randy Walker, the chairman and CEO of IBM Asia Pacific, stated that “Watson and blockchain are two technologies that will rapidly change the way we live and work, and our clients in Asia Pacific are eager to lead the way in envisioning and creating that future.”

The new center will house 5,000 scientists in its Marina Bay location, and will also be home to Singapore’s IBM Garage, a group that is intended to specialize in using the company’s own Open Standards Tools to build new blockchain applications that push boundaries. The IBM Garage is part of the wider Global Entrepreneur Program that IBM runs, which since its 2010 launch has focused on helping industry startups build blockchain applications by use of the IBM Cloud systems.

Using the combination of blockchain and AI, IBM hopes to deliver new levels of performance of rapid prototyping for businesses throughout the Asian Pacific region, and works in tandem with IBM’s growing interest in blockchain technology, including the 2015 move to join the Hyperledger open source blockchain project itself.

The introduction of blockchain technology into other areas of research is an interesting one, especially when it is from a business known to push the boundaries where technology is concerned. IBM is not a small startup, rather it is a well-recognized multinational that people take note of. In that respect, this is another situation that the wider cryptocurrency industry will benefit from, as it once again puts blockchain technology in front of a wider audience, generating interest and gaining validity.

For the future of the technology itself it is also an interesting move, putting blockchain technology on par with A.I. tech, which is acknowledged as the future already, shows the remarkable rise of the distributed ledger model and just how quickly it has achieved the position it now occupies.

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