Blockchain Weekly Recap 3-19-2016

Blockchain Weekly Recap 3-19-2016


Homestead Released by Ethereum

Blockchain firm Ethereum this week launched Homestead, the company’s latest release designed to move its currency beyond the Frontier beta stage. This newest offering from Ethereum promises a number of improvements in the code that should improve user experience.

Homestead’s developments include an adjustable block size designed to expand over time automatically. It also offers a more secure p2p network, as well as consensus protocol bug fixes. More importantly, this version is designed to make it easier than ever for users to build product proof-of-concepts and other offerings on the company’s platform.

Mizuho Bank Announces Successful Blockchain Trial

Japanese Bank Mizuho announced this week that it had successfully completed a blockchain operational trial of same-day securities transaction settlements. The trial was undertaken in partnership with Fujitsu Labs Ltd., and was designed to test and pave the way for the joint creation of what the two firms refer to as an “exceptionally convenient financial system.”

The partnership focused on resolving current challenges related to cross-border transactions of securities, particularly those involving trade execution times. By combining Mizuho’s securities settlement expertise with Fujitso’s technical abilities, the partnership successfully developed a system that enables same-day transaction processing for trades that previously involved three days or more, while maintaining tamper-proof security.

Global Blockchain Council Announces Effort to Assist Startups

A recent announcement from Dubai’s Global Blockchain Council indicates that the coalition intends to place more emphasis on events designed to help startups with investment and job placement concerns. At the group’s second meeting, GBC announced that it is considering both a conference gathering and a Hackathon sometime this year. At the same time, the group has also expressed its intention to focus attention on the current state of global regulation, and on efforts to help bring the private blockchain industry into closer cooperation with the public sector in pursuit of the technology’s potential benefits.

Augur Enters Beta

Hot on the heels of a successful crowdfunding effort, Blockchain-based prediction market Augur is now officially in beta. Augur is designed to facilitate users as they trade on event outcomes, while at the same time generating data that can be leveraged by the market.

Blockchain-Based Fluid Unveils Enterprise Software Platform

Payment platform and financial network company Fluent recently announced the release of its enterprise software platform, which it calls the Fluent Network. The platform is designed to provide banks, large global companies, and financial institutions with simplified invoicing and payment options that offer lower costs, real-time efficiency, and security across their global supply chains.

Congressman Asks Blockchain Experts to Help Educate His Colleagues

In an effort to ensure more sensible blockchain and digital currency legislation, one United States Representative has asked experts attending the Washington D.C. Blockchain Summit to come and speak with his fellow lawmakers. Arizona’s Republican representative, David Schweikert, has been a self-confessed cryptocurrency watcher for several years, and has expressed concerns that too few of his colleagues understand the technology well enough to avoid excessive regulation.

Schweikert has apparently taken note of the blockchain’s disruptive potential, particularly in the financial sector. In his remarks to the Summit attendees, the Congressman urged them to reach out to his fellow elected officials and help educate them on the topic before “control freaks” either willfully or unintentionally act in a way that causes the world to miss out on the technology’s positive benefits.

Blockchain Congress Set for End of April

The B2B Blockchain Congress is scheduled for April 27th-28th in London. The gathering is focused on evaluating the blockchain’s “practical uses” as well as the current obstacles distributed ledger technology faces as the industry seeks mainstream acceptance and adoption. The event will feature a forum to discuss collaborative endeavors, standards, and cultural issues financial institutions need to address as they investigate the technology.

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