Blockchain Weekly Recap 4-2-2016

Blockchain Weekly Recap 4-2-2016


Smart Contracts Firm Among Eight Startups Chosen for L’Atelier Accelerator

A total of eight startups have been announced as participants for the BNP Paribas L’Atelier FinTech Accelerator, including blockchain smart contract firm CommonAccord. The French banking giant announced the accelerator late last year with the intent of providing its support to startups engaged in the development of innovative FinTech solutions.

CommonAccord was one of just a handful of blockchain and digital currency startups to have applied for inclusion in the inaugural L’Atelier accelerator. The vast majority of the 142 firms that applied for the event are focused on anti-fraud and compliance issues, cybersecurity, payments, and investment management. CommonAccord’s blockchain solution for legal documentation is designed to create a code system that will facilitate the transfer and storage of smart contracts, permits, and other legally binding documents.

HyperLedger Inches Closer to Codebase Merge

The HyperLedger project’s steering committee last week fell just one dissenting vote short of unanimous approval for a merging of their three donated codebases. Had the measure received approval, it would have resulted in an effort to merge code from three of the project’s contributors -IBM, Digital Asset, and Blockstream, and would have been the first concrete step toward the creation of a new enterprise blockchain. That achievement is at the heart of the HyperLedger project’s mission.

At the meeting, Digital Asset’s Robert Fajta revealed that a successful proof of concept had been created - demonstrating that the three code bases can be merged. At the same time, he noted that there was still work to be done. That announcement inspired the call for an informal vote to allow integration of the codes. The lone dissenter, whose identity remains unconfirmed, asked that more details be provided in writing before approval. Another vote on the matter is expected within the very near future.

Deloitte to Serve as Title Sponsor for Consensus 2016

In a press release last week, CoinDesk announced that its blockchain summit, Consensus 2016, will see professional services giant Deloitte serve as its Title Sponsor. The event is the second annual CoinDesk summit, and will be held in New York on May 2-4, 2016. The conference agenda will include a number of different tracks focusing on application development, payments, settlement solutions, identity management, smart contracts, and more.

In addition to Deloitte’s participation and role in the summit, a host of representatives from other firms are expected to be in attendance. Speakers will include notable financial services, government leaders, and FinTech luminaries such as Ripple’s Chris Larsen, Digital Asset Holding’s Blythe Masters, and one-time Treasury Secretary Larry Summers.

French National Assembly Blockchain Conference Examines Blockchain Impact

A blockchain conference sponsored by the French National Assembly was held in Paris on March 24, 2016. The gathering was dubbed Blockchain: Disruption and Opportunities, and saw leading French government officials and academic elites come together with FinTech firms to share information and raise awareness about the potential impact of distributed ledger technology on the French economy.

At the conference, attendees were presented with presentations of use-cases, and discussions that focused on the nature of the technology, regulatory issues, and its anticipated disruption in the marketplace, with an emphasis on the challenges and opportunities it provides for the nation’s financial sector.

SEC Currently Exploring Blockchain Regulation

Recently, the Chairwoman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Jo White, publicly acknowledged that her agency is currently exploring a variety of options with respect to blockchain technology regulation. The remarks were made during a speech at an event held by Stanford’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance.

In her statement, she noted that the agency is evaluating whether various blockchain applications meet the required standards for forced registration to comply with the Commissions clearing agency and transfer agent regulatory scheme. Her comments on distributed ledger technology came toward the end of a speech that was focused on protecting investors.

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