Burger King Unveils WhopperCoin in Russia

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Burger King Russia made news in June when one of its Moscow branches began to accept Bitcoin as payment for meals. Now, the fast food giant is providing even more digital currency benefits to its Russian customers, as the company unveils the new WhopperCoin. The Burger King digital token will be used in Russian branches as part of a new customer rewards program.

According to reports, WhopperCoins will be provided to customers who purchase the company’s well-known Whopper sandwich, with one coin issued as a reward for each ruble the customer spends. Those customers will then be able to redeem 1,700 of those digital coins, and receive a free Whopper sandwich. Burger King plans to make Android and Apple apps available soon. Those apps will provide customers with the tools needed to manage their digital rewards.

The new program has been developed in concert with digital currency startup Waves. That company will be responsible for managing the WhopperCoin blockchain, and tracking ownership and use of the tokens. On its community website, Waves revealed that one billion WhopperCoins have been issued so far, and more can be created in the future if they are needed. The company also provided more details about how WhopperCoins can be used:

“Whoppercoin can be freely transferred and traded online – meaning that customers can save their rewards, send them to friends or sell them to new buyers.”

Author: Ken Chase

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