Coinify Signs Deal with Countr to Provide Cryptocurrency Payment Options for Merchants



Dutch point-of-sale software firm Countr POS and cryptocurrency payments processor Coinify have announced a deal that will expand Countr’s merchant network payment offerings by including options for fourteen digital currencies. Countr has committed to releasing a new version of its app on June 1, 2017, with expanded options that will provide the company’s 3,000 retail partners with the ability to conduct cryptocurrency transactions at the point-of-sale.

In a statement released today, Countr POS CEO John Staunton said,

“We are always happy to take the advantage of new payment technologies and help our merchants to improve their businesses. Blockchain is expected to be one of the major payment trends in the upcoming years and we are excited to integrate it to our POS system.”

The inclusion of this blockchain currency payment option in the updated Countr app is expected to enhance profit margins while providing transparent, secure, and instantaneous payment capabilities for merchants and their customers. The released statement also notes that retailers who want to get an early opportunity to see how the integration will work can ask to receive the app’s beta release now.

Coinify Sales Manager Morten Bebe expressed his company’s excitement about the deal:

“Coinify is on a mission to spread the use of digital currencies by offering everyone the opportunity to use alternative payments methods and accept blockchain currency payments. I am thrilled to see that with Countr POS we are succeeding in expanding blockchain payments in both online and offline environments.”

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Author: Ken Chase

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