CryptalDash Exchange Announces June 19 Listing for DNotes Trading

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Cryptocurrency exchange CryptalDash, which describes itself as “the world’s first integrated cryptocurrency exchange,” announced on Wednesday that its platform will soon list the DNotes (NOTE) digital currency. The company has confirmed that its customers will be able to begin trading DNotes on the exchange on June 19, 2018.

DNotes Director Timothy Goggin praised the announcement, and commended the exchange for its professionalism during the listing application process:

"We had a thoroughly enjoyable negotiation process with CryptalDash, and I was very impressed by the ambitions and targets that the exchange’s leadership had set for themselves. We had been reviewing the newer exchanges that were soon to release and CryptalDash was one that we instantly saw as a future partner"

Goggin also praised CryptalDash for its innovative approach to the cryptocurrency exchange market, and suggested that the company’s leadership would serve it well in the future:

“We saw a team with the requisite experience and comprehensive platform it needs to enjoy the type of substantial competitive advantage that can help it reach its target goals.”

CryptalDash Website:

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