Czech Retailer Alza Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments



With the help of payment gateway BitcoinPay, Czech online retailer Alza has moved to begin accepting Bitcoin payments, according to reporting by The decision was reportedly made in response to growing interest from the company’s customers in the Czech Republic and around the world. At the same time, Alza has also begun to install Bitcoin “exchange machines” in its Prague and Bratislava showrooms to enable consumers to buy Bitcoin using the Czech Koruna or the Euro.

Alza’s decision to accept cryptocurrency payments is the latest in what many hope will be a growing trend around the globe. To date, Japanese retailers have accounted for much of the growth in Bitcoin acceptance, following in the wake of that country’s move to legally recognize the currency earlier this year. As DCEBrief has previously reported, two of Japan’s largest retail groups have already announced their plans to accept Bitcoin.

Alza’s move to accept Bitcoin payments should help to further the Czech Republic’s effort to become a leader in digital currency technology throughout Europe. Alza internet marketing head Jan Sadílek observed:

“Prague is already one of the most important centers of Bitcoin in Europe. The introduction of trading in Bitcoin going to meet the growing popularity of this form of payment and the potential of new technologies.”

Sadílek suggested that other digital currencies like ethereum or litecoin could eventually be added as accepted forms of payment as well, which should be welcome news to altcoin supporters.

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Author: Ken Chase

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