Digital Currency Weekly Recap 1-10-2016

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Digital Currency Weekly Recap 1-10-2016


Germany Considers Digital Currency Controls to Counter Terror Financing

A new anti-terrorism document presented by Germany’s Christian Social Union is proposing that the nation adopt new controls on digital currency transactions. The proposal offers as justification for such action the need to limit financing to terror groups and thus reduce their ability to carry out acts of violence. The suggestion is just one of many included within the proposal, and is merely the latest example of the increased scrutiny faced by cryptocurrency in the wake of recent terrorist attacks and terror alerts in Western nations.

Late last year, the European Union announced new controls on prepaid debit and credit cards, monetary remittances, and digital currency transactions. That decision was also justified as an attempt to reduce terrorist access to financing, and is an indication of Europe’s willingness to use security concerns as an excuse to enact new restrictions on digital currency.

Universities Working to Meet Crypto Industry Talent Needs

With much of the cryptocurrency industry news focused on developments concerning various currencies, blockchain companies, and partnerships with other sectors of the broader economy, the growing need for developers often receives little attention. At well-known universities like Stanford and Princeton, however, the effort to educate the next generation of competent cryptocurrency developers is well underway. That’s important, since the industry’s future growth could be impeded without an adequate supply of qualified experts to meet critical technical needs.

Online cryptocurrency studies made news last fall, and classroom offerings are currently being enjoyed by students at Stanford University. There, students can take part in classes covering Bitcoin app development, digital currency, cybercrime, and even cryptography. The latter is even offered as a free online course.

Lithuania to Host 2016 Bitcoin Conference

The Baltic nation of Lithuania continues to seek a leadership role in FinTech, and is hopeful that the upcoming Bitcoin Conference 2016 will be one more step toward that goal. The Conference will be held in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius on April 8, 2016, and is being hosted by Nextury Venture. A host of government officials, investors, private sector representatives, and cryptocurrency startups are expected to attend.

The conference agenda will include discussion of cryptocurrency’s potential benefits, while also focusing on the broad range of innovative FinTech innovations in the financial sector. The event also provides the nation an opportunity to showcase its embrace of cryptocurrency solutions, and further its efforts to establish itself as a prime destination for FinTech investment.

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