Digital Currency Weekly Recap 5-22-2016

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Digital Currency Weekly Recap 5-22-2016


Aten Coin Conference Will Focus on Crypto Compliance with Criminal Laws

Aten Coin will be hosting a conference in Chicago scheduled for May 27, 2016 that will seek to shine a spotlight on the need for greater cryptocurrency compliance with the world’s criminal laws. The gathering will reportedly focus much of its attention on Bitcoin-related crimes that have shaped much of the ongoing debate over digital currencies in recent years. The conference has been dubbed “Beyond Bitcoin: Privacy, Money, Crime, and a Better Digital Currency.”

The event will feature three panels focusing on the issue of money laundering, finding a balance between compliance needs and personal privacy, and the impact of technology, psychology, and legal concerns on digital currency security. The free conference will be open to the public, and conducted in unison with IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law and its Office of Continuing Legal Education.

New Report from Technavio Forecasts Impressive Growth in Digital Currency Market Through 2020

A new report from Technavio offers a glowing assessment of growth in the digital currency market between 2016 and 2020. The report -titled “Global Digital Coin Market 2016-2020” – estimates that the cryptocurrency market will experience growth of more than 7% in the next four and a half years, with much of that growth continuing to be focused in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). That region of the market plays a primary role in the digital coin world today, and Technavio expects it to hold roughly a 52% share of the cryptocurrency market by the end of 2020.

The report expanded upon those predictions by noting how ESMA’s recent interest in digital currency and the blockchain have served to inspire more investment in the technologies in that area of the world. Technavio’s analysis also zeroed in on the move by many large corporations to develop strategic plans that will position their companies to better leverage these new technologies in the years to come.

DAO Raises $120 Million in Cryptocurrency

CNBC recently reported that the DAO automated business entity was successful in raising what amounts to $120 million in cryptocurrency. The DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization – is essentially a human-free entity that is run entirely by computer code. It was established to directly invest in various companies, guided only by its own code and the collective wisdom of the investors who have provided the funding source. The investment capital in question consists of 10.7 million Ether, which will be invested in accordance with the results of an investor vote to be held on May 28,2016.

The DAO operates on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts that manage everything from the operating parameters to the various deliverables and responsibilities of the companies in which the autonomous organization invests. As of this date, the only two companies to apply for DAO investment funds appear to be electric vehicle startup Mobitiq and blockchain firm

Coinbase to Officially Include Ether on Its Exchange

Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has announced that it will be adding Ethereum to its exchange as of May 24, 2016, enabling its users to both purchase and sell the rival digital currency. The news comes as Ether’s trading value stands at $14 a coin, with the company enjoying new support from companies like Barclays and JPMorgan Chase. Meanwhile, Coinbase is waiting for the New York Department of Financial Services to approve its bitlicense so that its customers in the state can begin to trade ether.

New Book by Alan Yong Published!

DNotes own Alan Yong recently achieved another milestone in his life with the publication of his first book, Improve Your Odds - The Four Pillars of Business Success. In his authorial debut, Alan draws upon his many decades of entrepreneurial experience to offer new and struggling business owners an innovative path forward on their journey to success. If you’re an entrepreneur who has ever wished that there was a way that the odds for business survival and success could be turned in your favor, then this is the book for you. Available now, from Amazon.

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