Digital Currency Weekly Recap 9-4-2016

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Digital Currency Weekly Recap 9-4-2016


Apple Demands Jaxx Nix Dash Support

Apple was apparently not thrilled with the recent Jaxx decision to include support for Dash in its iOS app, as the tech giant has reportedly demanded that the crypto wallet provider end that support. Apple has subsequently provided a list of accepted digital currencies that will be permitted on the App Store. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and tokens for DAO. The news was announced by Jaxx founder Anthony Di lorio in a tweet. Apple’s demands were met with criticism from notable digital currency personalities like Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin.

According to Di lorio, Apple had originally offered no objection to the coin’s inclusion, and only later announced that Dash was not acceptable. For Apple’s part, the company has made it clear that it will not be forthcoming with any sort of explanation about why Dash was singled out for exclusion in this instance. Some have speculated that the Dash emphasis on enhanced privacy protections could be a concern for Apple – which would be somewhat ironic given that company’s well-documented battles with the U.S. government over privacy concerns. As Di lorio noted, Apple’s decision to accept DAO tokens even after the recent DAO debacle makes the decision to exclude Dash even more difficult to understand.

Fisco Launches Its Own Digital Currency Exchange

Japanese company Fisco recently announced that it has created and launched its own digital currency exchange. The decision to create its own exchange was first revealed roughly six months ago, when the company had announced its plans for providing new services that would use cryptocurrencies in bond issuance and crowdfunding campaigns. The Fisco exchange reportedly requires not more than five minutes of registration time, after which customers can begin to trade in both Bitcoin and Monacoin without being charged commission fees.

Billon Working with Coinfirm to Create Crypto Compliance Solutions

The blockchain company Coinfirm has joined Billon is an effort create new compliance solutions designed to address many of the most common concerns about digital currency and the blockchain. The goal is to create a package of solutions that banks and other companies could use to adopt digital currency and blockchain technology while still complying with new regulations on money laundering and terrorism financing that are being considered and enacted across the globe. According to the companies involved in this partnership, the new solutions package will help to reduce the costs many firms now devote to compliance concerns.

Cryptocurrency PubCon to Meet in October in NYC

A New York City pub will be the venue for an October 8, 2016 gathering of digital currency and blockchain enthusiasts. The event is expected to see more than one thousand members of the cryptocurrency industry and community meet to discuss a wide range of digital currency and blockchain issues. The event CEO, Alan Meckler, recently noted that this event was created as a way to allow cryptocurrency fans who cannot afford the high attendance costs associated with other industry events to finally have an affordable opportunity to participate in a digital currency gathering.

The event will feature a variety of speakers, as well as a range of opportunities for networking. Registration is open now, and costs only $10. Walk-ins can also participate by paying $20 at the door. Anyone interested in attending this event can learn more about PubCon on the event site, and register here.

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