DNotes Global Inc Announces Pre-Release of DNotes 2.0

DNotes 2.0



DNotes Global, Inc. announced the Alpha Pre-Release of its DNotes 2.0 digital currency on Sunday. The upgraded digital currency is now available for alpha testing, in preparation for the final DNotes 2.0 production release that is expected to occur in the next few weeks.

In a press release, the company confirmed a number of upgrades to the DNotes digital currency, including a change from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake for its network consensus algorithm. That new system will include cold staking, as well as payouts based on the wallet holder’s coin balance and the total amount of staked coins on the DNotes network.

According to DNotes Global, Inc. co-founder and CEO Alan Yong, that change will provide the coin’s stakeholders with many benefits:

“The real benefits come from the increased influence that proof-of-stake provides to DNotes stakeholders. POS redistributes economic incentives from miners to coin holders, but it also removes the risk of miners exercising their influence to slow or prevent progress – a problem that has plagued coins like Bitcoin for some time now.”

The company’s statement also described changes to DNotes’ popular Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans. Those changes are reportedly designed to expand the benefits of those programs to all DNotes users by providing depositors with interest on their DNotes holdings.

Yong said that this is just the beginning of DNotes’ effort to realize digital currency’s true potential:

“Digital currency was always meant to be a promise: a promise that says that your money should be yours to control. With DNotes 2.0, we are one step closer to making that promise a reality for everyone around the world: more control over your own money, and greater financial inclusiveness. That’s the future of money.”

Author: Ken Chase

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