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DNotes Global Inc. announced on Tuesday that the company has partnered with technology firm Geneca to expand its development efforts in preparation for the launch of DNotes 2.0 in early 2018. According to the company’s press release, the partnership will help bolster the DNotes ecosystem and provide the technological boost DNotes needs to rapidly expand in the coming year.

DNotes Chief Technology Officer Theodore Hauenstein noted:

“We have been searching for the best possible firm to expand our development team for DNotes 2.0 and beyond, and we are proud to announce we have acquired the services of Geneca. Geneca shares both our business philosophy and our vision for making DNotes a technology leader, making them the ideal partner for our rapid expansion plans.”

The Geneca team will reportedly use its technical expertise and capacity to complete the development of DNotes 2.0, while also providing the support needed for future upgrades after the platform launch. The press release also suggests that the partnership with Geneca will offer new support for external developers who want to build products on the DNotes blockchain.

Geneca is a technology company based in Oak Brook, Illinois. The firm lays claim to a 92% product creation success rate over the course of its 19 years of existence, including product development for well-known brands like Mercer, Anthem Healthcare, and Redbox.

Author: Ken Chase

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