DNotes Global, Inc. Releases White Paper Outlining Bold Vision for the Future

DNotes 2.0



DNotes Global, Inc. has announced the release of the DNotes white paper. In a press release published on the DNotes website on Wednesday, the document is described as a “comprehensive examination of the digital currency’s purpose, objectives, and strategy.” The release of the white paper is a clear signal that the company is accelerating its effort to facilitate mainstream acceptance and adoption of the DNotes currency.

According to the press release,

“The DNotes white paper is as unique as the DNotes digital currency. Unlike many other digital currency white papers, the one presented by DNotes Global, Inc. focuses less attention on the technology behind the currency and more on how the company intends to achieve the elusive goal of bringing digital currency into the mainstream economy by facilitating mass adoption.”

The document offers a more detailed look at the company’s plans for achieving that mass adoption, and illustrates that strategy with down-to-earth explanations, relatable examples, and easy-to-understand graphics.

Those details showcase the company’s “holistic approach” to developing an ecosystem that can protect and nurture the DNotes digital currency, while proactively promoting the mass adoption needed to fully integrate digital currency into the global economy.

DNotes co-founder and CEO Alan Yong described his company’s role in that process, in a statement that serves as an introduction to the white paper:

“DNotes Global, Inc.’s core mission is to provide the leadership and management to protect and promote the best interest of the currency. DNotes Global is focused on bringing the DNotes digital currency into the mainstream, with a platform and ecosystem that will give it real intrinsic value like cash.”

Author: Ken Chase

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