DNotes Notice: Users Advised to Remove DNotes from Exchanges for DNotes 2.0 Swap

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DNotes Global, Inc. has released new directions for DNotes stakeholders, to ensure that they can properly participate in the coin swap for the new DNotes 2.0. The company is advising DNotes users to remove their coins from all exchanges by April 16th if they want to participate in the swap and exchange their old DNotes for the upgraded coins:

“It is imperative that if you wish to participate in the swap for DNotes 2.0, now or in the future, that you remove your coins from the exchanges prior to April 16th. Leaving your coins on the exchange means that the exchange controls your coins, and not you. We will of course make every effort to help you swap your coins but we cannot make any guarantees that we can recover coins that are not in your control.


Please be sure to have your DNotes off of the exchanges before April 16th.”

DNotes Global successfully launched the upgraded version of its four-year-old digital currency earlier this month. According to details provided by the company, the DNotes 2.0 upgrade offers new economic incentives to stakeholders with its adoption of proof-of-stake and changes to its popular CRISP savings programs, as well as new features like an automated invoicing system that attaches a unique invoice number to each transaction on the blockchain.

Author: Ken Chase

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