DNotes Smart Invoicing – Merchant Services Built into the Blockchain


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DNotes Global Inc. has made a major development breakthrough on the payment services front, announcing the integration of an automated invoicing system with DNotes 2.0. The system promises to revolutionize customer-to-merchant relationships all over the world by allowing them to transact directly with one another without going through a middleman.

Invoices can be automatically generated from the merchant software, making payment much more convenient and cheaper for all parties involved. Current industry standard in both fiat and cryptocurrency sees third party services acting as middlemen who collect fees whenever people spend their electronically-stored money. DNotes Smart Invoicing can be integrated with any business at zero cost, including websites, who can take full advantage of the website payment gateway.

Other distinctly unique advantages that DNotes Smart Invoicing offers the merchant include:

-No chargebacks or forced refunds
-No point of sale terminal fees
-No card provider fees
-Limited customer data is kept on hand; protecting the customer and reducing your liability in the event of a data breach.

To learn more about how this exciting innovation can benefit merchants around the world, go to:



Author: Brandon Cheliak

Education Director for DNotes and co-founder of DNotesEDU

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