Europe Gains Mobile Cryptocurrency Purchases Thanks to Coinbase

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Coinbase, the exchange and wallet business that has been rapidly expanding right around the globe, has just announced a new measure that brings significant ease of purchase for all cryptocurrency users in Europe. Using their mobile app and a credit or debit card, European based consumers can now make purchases of both Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from their phones in seconds, ensuring that the industry attempts to remove barriers to entry into the digital currency systems continues on. Previously launched in the US, this initiative marks the simplest way for anyone to purchase digital currencies in Europe to date.

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Making it easier to purchase any digital currency is an essential part of being able to grow the industry to a wider audience. Barriers to initial entry into the cryptocurrency environment are an immediate obstacle for new users that simply turns them away and discourages them more than anything else, which is why any step that makes the purchase of digital currencies more convenient is so important for the long term prospects of Bitcoin or any other digital currency, both now and into the future.

Coinbase, the wallet and exchange provider that has a significant market share all around the world, has just announced a new feature in their comprehensive service that does just that, making it more convenient to buy digital currency, at least in Europe. Using their mobile app, European users can now make purchases of both Bitcoin and Ethereum from their phone, using a credit or debit card. Now, this is a service that has been available to US based digital currency users for a while, indeed, Coinbase says that in the US over 40% of all purchases made through their system is via card using a mobile device, but it is an entirely new option for European users.

While Bitcoin still remains by far the biggest digital currency around, Coinbase have embraced Ethereum and having the two cryptocurrencies within the system, allowing easy purchase of either through the same convenient mobile interface is perhaps a glimpse of the future that the industry itself would like. Choice, along with ease of use, are key components of a successful, marketable ecosystem, and Coinbase are certainly at the forefront of the industry as they seek to make that a reality right around the world.

As one of the major markets for the digital currency industry, this move to ensure European consumers can easily access cryptocurrency will prove an important long term step in the development of the industry and the market itself.

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Author: Nick Marinoff

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