FBI Seeking Information from QuadrigaCX Users





The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is now seeking information from any QuadrigaCX users who have concerns about their accounts or believe that they may be victims. In a publication posted on the FBI website Monday, users are asked to complete a questionnaire to document their concerns or identify themselves as victims.

The questionnaire asks users to provide basic contact information, as well as their QuadrigaCX username and the types of documentation they used to identify themselves when they opened their accounts. Other requested information includes users’ approximate account balance and the date of their last transaction.

There are also transaction-related questions, and an open comment box for users to offer any additional information that could help FBI investigators. According to the document, respondents “may be contacted by the FBI and asked to provide additional information.”

The FBI, along with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, have been looking into the events surrounding the QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange’s public implosion. The exchange’s CEO passed away last December, leaving the company with no ability to access more than $130 million in customer funds. Reports have suggested that he was the only person in possession of the private keys needed to access the accounts.

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