Fidelity Now Allows Clients to See Their Crypto Holdings on Its Website



After successfully testing digital currency viewing with its employees, Fidelity investments Inc is now ready to offer those capabilities to the company’s customers as well. The new offering debuted on Wednesday, and provides the firm’s clients with the ability to see their cryptocurrency holdings on the company’s client accounts pages. The move has been in the works for some time, and will enable those investors to more efficiently track digital currency investments on the same portal they use to monitor their stocks, mutual funds, and other investments.

According to a statement from the company, Fidelity has partnered with Coinbase to make the venture a reality for its clients. The new feature is optional, and customers will need to opt-in to make use of the option. The statement indicates that customers with Coinbase accounts will need to give Coinbase permission to share that data with Fidelity. That authorization will allow Fidelity to add those clients’ digital currency portfolios to their account pages on the site.

In addition to its goal of responding to customer demand for this feature, Fidelity also hopes to use the new program to gain greater insight into digital currency. CNBC reported that Fidelity Labs senior vice president Hadley Stern cited that educational opportunity in a recent interview:

"This is an experiment in the spirit of learning what these crypto assets are like and how our customers may want to interact with them."

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Author: Ken Chase

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