From All of Us to All of You, Happy Thanksgiving!



As families and friends gather to celebrate Thanksgiving across the United States, it is important to remember that the holiday is about more than just good food, football, and conversations around the dinner table. More than anything else, Thanksgiving is intended to be a day of gratitude – a day for being thankful for things that we often take for granted throughout the year. On this Thanksgiving Day in 2017, we asked the DNotes team what they’re most thankful for.


"Because great leadership is a privilege that must never be taken for granted, I am thankful for each day that I can share my wisdom and insight with my team, my friends, and my growing list of followers. I know my own personal limitations, so I am thankful that I am surrounded by others who share my belief that our united efforts can change the world for the better. Thank you, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!” - Alan Yong


“First and foremost, I am thankful for friends and family – and those who support my dreams and aspirations. I am also thankful for my teammates at DNotes who stand with us through thick and thin, and to everyone in the community who supports us and shares our vision of what the future of money can be. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.” - Theodore Hauenstein


“I'm thankful for all the opportunities, challenges, and setbacks in life, as well as the allies and adversaries I've made along the way. I'm also very thankful for my mom; without her, I wouldn't be here today.” - Brandon Cheliak


“I am thankful for my children,
For without them,
This journey would seem empty.
I am thankful for my friends at DNotes,
For without them,
This part of my journey would lack purpose.
I am thankful for all of life's special moments,
For without them,
My journey would be forgotten.
And finally, I am thankful for the journey,
For without it,
I would have no children, friends,
or special moments to remember.” - Cindy Williamson


“A new journey into the modern age of digitally-secure financial currency has just begun - and I am so very thankful for the opportunity to be at the beginning of this absolutely incredible adventure.” - Ken Blanchard


“On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m thankful for friends, family, colleagues, and all of you who dare to dream of a better world. I am grateful for the opportunity to help bring you news that matters, and insights about the world of cryptocurrency and its impact on a changing world. Like everyone else at DCEBrief, I look forward to offering even more insight throughout the coming year, so that we can grow along with our readers. Happy Thanksgiving, and best of luck as you explain to your families over dinner how to buy their first cryptocurrency!” – Tim Goggin


"I am most thankful for my supportive family, who are always there for me and for one another. Nothing is more important than family, so that is always the first thing that comes to mind when I count my blessings. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!" - Troy O'Brien


I too have much for which I am thankful. I am thankful for my wife and my two children, my parents and other family members, and true friends who are always there when I need them most. Despite some health setbacks this year, I am grateful that I still possess the breath of life and at least a few of my wits. And I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be part of a community filled with so many optimistic, creative minds.

Of course, I am also thankful for all of you – our readers, friends, and fellow crypto-enthusiasts. That’s a sentiment that is shared by each member of our team. Much of what we do simply wouldn’t be possible without your support and involvement. So, from all of us to all of you, thank you.

We hope that each of you has a happy, safe, and memorable Thanksgiving!

The views expressed by the authors on this site do not necessarily represent the views of DCEBrief or the management team.

Author: Ken Chase

Freelance writer whose interests include topics ranging from technology and finance to politics, fitness, and all things canine. Aspiring polymath, semi-professional skeptic, and passionate advocate for the judicious use of the Oxford comma.

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