GameCredits Aims for Mass Adoption with the Release of Api

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The global gaming market currently exceeds a market capitalization of 100 billion dollars, and is expected to steadily grow over the next 20 years. As of right now there is a tendency in the word of blockchain tech to overlook sectors like gaming, focusing instead on the financial industry. Gamecredits Inc aims to change cryptocurrency investors’ perspectives with the company’s latest announcement of its free to use API.

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Gamecredits API is the first cryptocurrency payment solution that can be implemented in any existing or developing game. Developers who choose to accept gamecredits can reduce revenue fees by up to 20%, eliminate chargebacks, increase gamer deposit limits, and receive payments in minutes rather than months. In exchange for these benefits Gamecredits takes 10% of game developers revenues, opposed to the 30% charged by industry leaders like Apple, Google, and Steam.

As of right now, Gamecredits biggest critique is that gamers will not want to switch from current payment methods. To combat this issue, Gamecredits offers several exciting incentives using blockchain technology. Implementing Gamecredits means gamers can find coupon codes for the currency just by playing their games. They then simply access the Gamecredits web wallet directly from their game, and use the code to redeem Gamecredits. Essentially, gamers can make money without having to stop playing.

The release of Gamecredits API comes after the recent announcement of Gamecredits Mobile Store. The “GAME” Store is set to launch this spring with over 300 games already signed up. Games launching on the platform will have instant access to the API, and all payments will be made in the digital currency.

To make purchasing Gamecredits as easy as possible, the company recently released 5 major credit card integrations. Inside of their web wallet you can purchase GAME using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, and JCB (an international Japanese credit card). In the near future they have plan to integrate Paypal, Paysafecard, and Latin American payment options to expand their market.

This most recent Gamecredits news marks an exciting time in cryptocurrency. Ambitious projects like GAME are using focused but massive markets to bring blockchain to mainstream consumers. With the benefits they offer game developers and gamers alike, Gamecredits could have a very exciting summer.

Author: Jack Kuveke

Community Manager, Game Credits Inc

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