GM Files Patent Application for Blockchain Distributed Map




Automobile giant General Motors has filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office seeking a patent for what it calls a Decentralized Distributed Map Using Blockchain, Forbes reports. The company reportedly believes that blockchain technology can reduce the costs associated with current vehicle mapping systems.

According to the text of the application, the envisioned distributed map will be:

“A system for updating a distributed navigation map for a motor vehicle includes one or more sensors that evaluates and characterizes a surrounding around the motor vehicle and a discrepancy detector that identifies differences in the surrounding compared to a known navigation map based on information received from the one or more sensors. The differences are transmitted to a blockchain map network.”

As Forbes notes in its piece, current navigation mapping systems rely on technology that delivers detailed maps to motor vehicles, showing the car’s location in relation to its surroundings and a desired destination. That requires dynamic feedback that can be difficult to maintain. The envisioned system will rely on sensors and a blockchain map network to more efficiently evaluate a vehicle’s surroundings and compare them to a known map of the area as it provides navigation directions to drivers.

Author: Ken Chase

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