Hirosaki Japan Accepts Bitcoin Donations for Preservation of Landmark Park



According to reports on Coincheck’s blog, the city of Hirosaki has partnered with Coincheck, Inc. to begin accepting Bitcoin donations that will help in the city’s effort to preserve an important historic park. The donations will be used to maintain roughly 2,600 cherry trees, as well as a castle that was constructed several hundred years ago. The castle park complex and its famed cherry blossoms attract more than 2 million visitors each spring.

Hirosaki officials reportedly decided to begin accepting Bitcoin donations for the maintenance and renovation effort to attract overseas donors. The cost for maintaining the trees amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year at a time when local governments in many Japanese cities have struggled to raise money. Coincheck noted a Hirosaki government staff member’s optimistic outlook for the donation plan:

“We expect bitcoin donation to be an effective approach to promote Hirosaki’s cherry blossoms and a castle especially to people living outside of Japan. When collecting donations from overseas, features of blockchain such as ‘fast payment process,’ ‘low processing fees’ and ‘transparency and security of transaction’ enhances the efficiency of funding.”

To date, the donation effort has yielded 0.9712 Bitcoin from 80 donors – worth approximately $1215 USD at the digital currency’s current price. The number of donors has doubled in the last several days, which should be an encouraging sign for city officials.

Would-be donors can find more information on Coincheck’s donations page.

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Author: Ken Chase

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