Incent Announces 20 Percent Cryptocurrency Rewards for United Petrol Customers





Australian cryptocurrency rewards platform Incent has unveiled a new 20 percent cryptocurrency rewards offering for customers who make purchases at United Petrol. In a September 26 press release, the company said that the move was in response to rising fuel prices across the country.

In the interest of relieving the current and upcoming financial stress imposed on everyday Aussies, for a limited time only Sydney startup Incent is running a special deal offering 20 percent back in INCNT, Australia's first cryptocurrency for all purchases at United Petrol stations around Australia.

According to Incent CEO Rob Wilson, the startup chose United Petrol due to its 100-percent Australian ownership and the company’s commitment to doing “the best by their customers in terms of price.” He called United Petrol “exactly the kind of guys we want to support.”

The press release called the offering the largest promotion Incent has ever offered. Customers who want to take advantage of the reward program can do so by signing up at the Incent website and syncing their bank account. That will ensure that they receive the 20 percent cryptocurrency bonus anytime they fuel up at one of United Petrol’s more than 450 Australian outlets. The offer is active until early October


Author: Ken Chase

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