Innovation That Matters: DNotesVault and CRISP


When we created DNotes nearly four years ago, we knew that we wanted it to be a different kind of digital currency. After examining other cryptocurrencies, it was clear to us that none of them were well-positioned to bring the benefits of digital currency to the mainstream. From the beginning, DNotes was designed to fulfill this purpose. With our four-year anniversary on the horizon, it’s important to remember some of the important milestones that we’ve marked along the way. Two of the most significant of those milestones occurred with the creation of the DNotesVault and the CRISP programs. Both represent the type of innovation that today’s consumers want and need.


The DNotesVault: State-of-the-Art, Secure Storage for the Modern Age

Some cryptocurrency critics have cited security as a point of concern – and with good reason. There have been notable hacks at various exchanges, and crypto owners have ended up suffering financial loss due to those security shortcomings. That’s why experts have advised cryptocurrency users to avoid storing their cryptocurrency on an exchange. Instead, those crypto owners should be maintaining their holdings in their digital wallets, and only keep digital currency on an exchange when they’re actively trading.

While that is the best solution for avoiding an exchange hack, it does force those users to learn more about wallet management and security – and that can be a complicated issue for many digital currency owners who simply want to own, hold, and trade their favorite cryptocurrency. Given the complexity involved, it’s reasonable to assume that the average person would probably prefer a simpler option.

We recognized this problem early on and came up with an innovative solution: the DNotesVault. Our vault was the first online cryptocurrency vault with a guarantee fund, designed simply for long term storage and security, with 100% of the cryptocurrency in cold storage. It was born from one simple belief: that no cryptocurrency user should be forced to learn about wallet management and security just to keep their digital currency holdings safe. Every crypto holder should have the option of storing his or her holdings in a secure environment.

For DNotes stakeholders, the DNotesVault is that environment. Users who store their DNotes in the vault can rest assured that their holdings are safe and secure. The DNotesVault offers an online access point for stakeholders to track their holdings, manage transactions, and monitor their account. The DNotes themselves, however, are maintained in an offline cold storage environment.

What does that mean for DNotes stakeholders who use the vault? It’s simple! Because their funds are in cold storage, they are stored away from the internet – and out of the reach of thieves and other bad actors. When your DNotes are in the vault, you can sleep comfortably at night, knowing that your funds will be right where you left them when you wake up in the morning.

Of course, we didn’t stop there. Cold storage is great, but that vault interface is only as good as the control it provides to our stakeholders. The website portal provides DNotes users with the control they need to easily manage their funds and transactions. And to ensure that their account is safe, we offer multiple layers of security. Two-Factor Authentication, trigger warnings, and manual review all work in concert to help keep your account safe.

Even with all that, however, we wanted to provide yet another later of protection for DNotes users. That’s why every DNotes owner’s funds are guaranteed against loss. The DNotesVault is protected with a matching guarantee fund ensure that if the DNotesVault is ever compromised and your coins have been stolen, your lost DNotes will be replaced.


CRISP: A New Way of Looking at Investment Savings

In addition to the DNotesVault, we also created another innovative solution to address a problem that extends well beyond the digital currency community: savings. Far too many people have been struggling to find ways to save for the things that matter – like education and retirement. Worse, many parents are having a difficult time teaching their children how to save for the future. And while many so-called experts have opined on the issue, few have offered any reasonable proposals that would reverse the trend.

The Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan, or CRISP, was born as a result of an idea from a member on the DNotes forum, who goes by Chase. It’s a novel notion and something that no one else in the industry had ever attempted. And like our secure vault, it’s a fairly simple concept: self-directed savings plans for digital currency. However, we didn’t just create plan options and move on to some other project. We created the plans and then worked to ensure that they could do the most possible good for those who participate.

So, we created CRISP for Kids, CRISP for Students, CRISP for Education, CRISP for Retirement, and CRISP for Employees. And we provided incentives for getting involved and saving DNotes, including a 1,000,000 DNotes bonus to be paid to retirement accounts as bonus interest.

And so far, it’s been an incredible success story for everyone involved. The retirement program was so successful that the bonus balance was depleted well ahead of the intended target of 5 years.

Some have asked us about CRISP’s future, as DNotes’ fourth anniversary approaches. What happens to those CRISPs when DNotes 2.0 launches? There’s good news on that front! Because our CRISP programs have become such a popular feature for DNotes stakeholders, we have decided to expand its benefits. The future of CRISP will feature automatic blockchain distributions, made in two ways: 0.166% after 30 days and 4% after 365 days.

Best of all, DNotes stakeholders won’t have to do anything new to earn those distributions. They only need to maintain their DNotes at the DNotesVault or in their own secure wallet - and hold them for the designated period required to receive interest payments. That’s it! No special terms or difficult requirements to meet; they simply need to hold their DNotes to earn interest!


An Exciting Time for All of Us

Anniversaries are always a cause for excitement. As our fourth anniversary gets ever closer, we know that the DNotes community has much to celebrate. At DNotes, we have always done things a little bit differently – whether it’s our wildly successful CRISP plans or our innovative DNotesVault. Each of those achievements represents a milestone in the evolution of DNotes, and another step in our journey to establish DNotes as a leader in world-changing digital currency solutions.

Author: Theodore Hauenstein

Co-founder of DNotes, and chief technology officer responsible for technology development, properties, and ecosystem project management. Instrumental in development of DNotes technical design, and coordination of strategic planning efforts for the digital currency and its supporting structure.

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