Introducing Kids to Cryptocurrency Through Gaming

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Children and crytocurrency are the future. That's the bottom line, so how can we introduce one to the other? Well, what do kids love doing the most? Playing video games is a likely answer, and several companies and online platforms have already found ways to implement cryptocurrency into their systems, bringing the bitcoin name to a higher position on the financial mountain.

Vladimir Mitic, CEO of Serbian gaming company Webelinx, recently sat down with DCEBrief to explain his future plans and his company's recent partnership with GameCredits, a new form of cryptocurrency that many believe will revolutionize digital currency purchases in future gaming. He believes cryptocurrency will have a huge influence on the gaming industry, and he can't wait to see what discoveries are made along the way.

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When we think of what our kids enjoy doing, video games likely come to mind. Children love video games, and they likely always will. From the days of “Pong” and “Pac-Man,” young’uns have enjoyed parking themselves in front of the television and going head to head with friends and siblings alike, trying to improve their latest high score. Kids have been doing it for thirty years, and they’ll likely continue on this track for a hundred more.

So why not use video games to show them things that might better their futures? Racing cars, shooting guns and collecting gold stars likely won’t prove useful to children once they’ve reached adulthood, but cryptocurrency? That’s a whole different story.

It can’t be denied that cryptocurrency is here to stay. Cryptocurrency is the way of the future. Cryptocurrency has and will continue to revolutionize payments. Digital currency’s popularity is undoubtedly expanding, and room is constantly being made for what appears to be a growing list of “bitcoin relatives.”

Considering all this, it’s important for children and teenagers to become involved in cryptocurrency now. Right now as their young brains develop and remain open to new methods of learning. What are kids doing nowadays besides skateboarding, obsessing over the latest “Star Wars” flick or chatting on Facebook? As mentioned before, they’re playing video games, and several gaming platforms have already found ways to incorporate cryptocurrency into their systems. SaruTobi, for example, a former IOS game once approved by Apple, allowed users to play as a monkey that swung from trees and vines and pick up bitcoin tips along the way.

It will be up to younger generations to further implement cryptocurrency into modern society and bring it higher than ever. Vladimir Mitic, the CEO of Serbian gaming company Webelinx, is currently planning bigger digital currency integration into his company’s systems through GameCredits, a new form of cryptocurrency that according to its website will “revolutionize in-game purchases and bring developers a monetization based on fair-play rules.” Speaking with DCEBrief, Mitic predicts digital currency will influence the gaming industry unlike anything else:

“Crypto-adoption is one of the fastest growing trends nowadays… GameCredits is paving its way to become an important currency outside the crypto-world, so it’s a win-win situation.”

He also feels his company’s relationship with GameCredits will be a revolutionary one, and he’s very excited for all the good he confidently feels they can do together:

“Generally speaking, new technological improvements are introduced on a daily basis and, as the owner of a mobile development company, I just keep up as much as I can. Bearing in mind the great success of BTCs, I am sure that introducing this new monetization option may only have positive results. Users will love it since it will make their lives easier.”

Founded in 2011, Webelinx started out as a simple company, employing about 10 people. That number has since jumped to 50 in just four years. Webelinx is now constantly working to develop new products.

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Author: Nick Marinoff

Nick Marinoff is a freelance author, writer and journalist. His first book, "Take a 'Loan' Off Your Shoulders: 14 Simple Tricks for Graduating Debt Free" is now available on He is currently a lead content writer and news editor for Money & Tech, and is a regular contributor to both NewsBTC and Other publications include Black Impact Magazine, and The Loan Gurus, to name a few. He is a proud graduate of FHSU in Hays, KS.

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