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South Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinOne recently published a blog post revealing its criteria for new cryptocurrency projects seeking to get listed on the exchange. In that post, CoinOne identified nine specific criteria it uses to judge any project’s suitability for being listed as well as several criteria the company uses when considering a delisting.

After noting that the exchange receives no listing fees and is thus relies on transaction fees for revenue, CoinOne confirmed that its criteria are intended to identify projects that “can naturally generate trading volume” as they grow and expand.

The nine criteria include the sustainability of a real business model, transparent governance, a workable token distribution plan, a vision and value proposition that clearly identifies the problem the project intends to resolve, an adequate target market size, usability to create inherent value, a solid leadership team, measurable roadmap achievement rate, and marketability. With respect to that latter concern, the company noted:

CoinOne is a Korean-based exchange. The majority of its users are Korean. Therefore, it is very important for the project to have a business plan in Korea and how to exchange and train with Korean investors. In addition, online and offline communication is also very important.

The post’s list of criteria used to consider delisting included legal issues related to the project, like market manipulation, lack of transparency, and potential criminal acts; technical issues with the project’s technology; a lack of trading volume, or problems with the project’s leadership team.

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