Malaysia to Pilot New Visa Program to Attract Foreign Blockchain Talent





The government-owned Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) will reportedly pilot a new work visa program for foreign blockchain technology talent, The Star reported this week. The program will seek to identify and attract tech workers to help meet Malaysian blockchain companies’ need for talent.

Norhizam Abdul Kadir, vice president of MDEC growth ecosystem development, confirmed that MDEC has already submitted the necessary paperwork for the Digital Freelancer Programme to the country’s Home Ministry and Immigration Department. At a press conference, he noted that the number of visas issued will depend on the industry’s need.

The initiative is the result of a partnership between MDEC, the Nem Foundation, and Jobbatica. Norhizam described the program and each partner’s role in the visa process:

He said the programme leveraged off the Professional Visit Pass, which allows foreign talents with professional qualifications or skills to enter Malaysia for up to 12 months to provide services, or undergo practical training with a Malaysian company, on behalf of an overseas company.


Norhizam said MDEC will work with blockchain organisation Nem Foundation and Estonian cross-border job marketplace Jobbatical. Nem would define the talents needed while Jobbatical would supply them, then Immigration would help in approving the qualified talent by providing them the PVP while MDEC would help to facilitate the whole process.


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