New Survey of Chinese Reveals Broad Crypto Awareness and Interest in Investing






The Chinese government’s efforts to rein in the cryptocurrency phenomenon within China has been ongoing for many months now, but a new survey from PANews suggests that the crackdown has done little to deter the Chinese people’s interest in digital currency. The survey collected 4,200 valid questionnaires from nearly 5,000 respondents, and revealed that many Chinese still have cryptocurrency on their minds.

The collected surveys revealed that more than 98 percent of respondents have heard of or have knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts. Only 75 respondents claimed to have never heard of the blockchain or cryptocurrency. More than eight in ten respondents said that they consider the idea of crypto investment as a new and emerging trend.

38 percent of those surveyed reported that they became aware of cryptocurrency via social media. Another 26% said that they were introduced to the concepts by friends and family.

Slightly more than 14 percent of the surveyed respondents said that they have personally invested in cryptocurrencies and obtained their cryptocurrency by purchasing it on an exchange, receiving it via airdrop, or obtaining it through crypto mining.

Perhaps most interesting in light of the government’s concerted effort to discourage crypto investment is the fact that 40 percent of respondents expressed a willingness and desire to invest in digital currencies in the future.

Author: Ken Chase

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