Power Ledger Partners with French Green Energy Firm to Roll Out Blockchain Energy Platform




Australian blockchain technology firm Power Ledger has partnered with French green energy retailer ekWateur to roll out the new Vision blockchain-powered energy tracking platform. In an announcement released today, Power Ledger confirmed plans to provide more than 220,000 electricity meters with access to the platform.

According to the company, Vision not only provides certification of a renewable energy source’s origins, but also gives consumers the power to choose which type of energy they use and where it’s sourced. Once the project is rolled out, consumers will even be able to use Vision’s peer-to-peer trading features to purchase or sell excess renewable energy.

Power Ledger executive chairman Dr Jemma Green emphasized the importance of empowering consumers to transition to cleaner energy. She also noted that Vision’s rollout will be the biggest endeavor Power Ledger has ever undertaken:

“Power Ledger has proven the technology works and now we’re ready for a full scale country rollout in what will be our largest project to date. This also marks a world-first in energy trading, with customers able to select their energy mix, knowing it’s certified via an immutable blockchain platform.


Whether consumers want to source energy from their neighbor’s solar rooftop panels, or a wind farm in Bordeaux, our platform gives consumers choice and control over their energy source.”

Author: Ken Chase

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