Radio Free Asia: North Korea Plans to Host October Blockchain Conference




North Korea reportedly plans to host an international blockchain conference in October, according to Yonhap and other media outlets in Asia. The news was first reported by U.S.-based Radio Free Asia and suggested that the conference would bring together blockchain experts from other nations and include planned meetings with North Korean business officials.

The conference is apparently scheduled to begin on October 1 and run through October 3, 2018. Reports indicate that the gathering will feature experts who will discuss issues related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, though one security expert told RFA that the North Korean regime likely wants to use the gathering to highlight its own capabilities in the blockchain field.

Though information about those capabilities remains limited due to that nation’s reclusive nature, reports suggest that North Korea is no stranger to the blockchain or digital currency technology. The country has been linked by security experts to multiple hacks on international banks, digital currency exchanges in South Korea, and other organizations and crypto accounts around the world.

The Pyongyang regime has also been blamed by the U.S. administration for last year’s WannaCry cyberattacks, which impacted computers in 150 countries. Various analysts have suggested that North Korea’s cyber hacking efforts have been designed to raise funds for its nuclear weapon development efforts, and to help mitigate the impact of international sanctions.

Author: Ken Chase

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