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As we enter the final stages of the U.S. Presidential Election cycle, everyone in the country is making choices about who to choose and what direction the country should move, but the one thing that is crucial for democracy is that we know our vote, when it is cast, is recorded and counted properly. While true vote rigging is very rare, it is something that concerns many, and adding extra safeguards to prevent vote tampering can only be a positive for democracy. That is why Bitcoin ATM supplier Blockchain Technologies Corp has recently announced its new voting machine technology, that uses a combination of traditional paper voting ballots and blockchain to provide tamper-resistant vote counting for us all.

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Election fever has hit America, and many other places around the world too, but whatever your political views or candidate of choice, knowing that your vote counts is the most important part of the democratic process. While cases of votes going missing or being altered remain very rare in the majority of developed countries, anomalies do happen, and in ever more divisive political landscape, having greater peace of mind can only be of benefit to everyone.

That is why a new initiative from Blockchain Blockchain Technologies Corp, a cryptocurrency form specializing in blockchain applications and provider of Bitcoin ATMs, that aims to provide a tamper proof voting machine, will be welcomed by voters across the political spectrum. The new machine will use blockchain infrastructure to ensure firstly that the voter’s intent, that is their actual vote, is recorded correctly, and secondly, to enhance voter trust that their vote will be counted correctly.

Although more tech-based that traditional paperless voting machines that have been in use since the beginning of the new millennium, the proposed new machines use paper for an added layer of accountability. The simplest way of auditing an election process is counting the paper votes, when everything is solely digital, it is simply impossible, as individual votes are not archived at all. People trust the physical and digital combination, more than just the digital alone.

The system works by feeding the paper ballots through a scanner, and this records each vote made during the election, and the scanned data, along with a hash of the ballot image, is then uploaded to the blockchain to secure the data against tampering.

The combination of a physical record for easy audit, and the data integrity of blockchain based voting transmission is a clear advance on current voting machines, and the company has successfully trialled the technology at Libertarian Party conventions in both New York and Texas.

The company is planning on having a solution, dubbed VoteUnit, available in time for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections.

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