Sirin Labs Developing Blockchain Smartphone and PC



Sirin Labs is preparing to launch a crowdfunding effort next month to support the development of its planned line of blockchain-powered Finney devices, according to media reports and information on the company’s website. The Finney line of products will initially include an open, source, secure smartphone and PC. Those products will use the company’s Shield operating system, which was designed to provide support for crypto wallets, encrypted messaging, and other blockchain applications.

The company has not yet provided a firm date for the launch of its crowdfunding effort, or announced the platform that it intends to use. In addition, there is not even a tentative date for product release. Digital Trends claims that it requested access to the Finney products, but the company declined. Apparently, Sirin Labs has no prototypes available at this stage in the process.

The company has released a host of details about the new products, however. The Finney devices will reportedly offer secure exchange access, and a peer-to-peer network for both apps and payments. That network will rely upon the company’s own SRN digital currency, and offer fee-less transactions.

Those SRN tokens will play another important role as well. The company’s website says that, “The SRN Token represents the right to acquire Sirin products and services.” That means that would-be Finney buyers will need to own SRN tokens, since that is the only way to acquire the products.


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