South Korea’s aSSIST Business School Now Offering Crypto MBA






The Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies (aSSIST) has announced the launch of what it is calling the “world’s first Crypto MBA course for a business graduate school,” according to a December 21 press release.

The aSSIST Crypto MBA course has been designed to address the “lack of academic research and systematic education currently available in the industry” by focusing its educational efforts on what it calls the “key personnel” of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. According to the school’s statement, that would include personnel like chief digital currency officers, token economists, cryptocurrency investors, and strategy officers.

The Crypto MBA will offer a master's degree program in blockchain, cryptoeconomics and token economy courses from technological, cryptoeconomic and business strategic perspectives.


The curriculum includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contract, cryptology, EOS, deep learning and system dynamics mechanisms. The cryptoeconomics curriculum consists of digital currency studies, microeconomics, macroeconomics, behavioral economics and theory on currency finance, game theory and mechanism design.

There will also be a curriculum for management strategy that will provide instruction for digital financial accounting, digital marketing, management mechanisms, crypto funds, dApp planning, and more – include strategies for writing industry white papers.

Crypto MBA program head professor Moon Soo Kim noted the growing interest in researching blockchain technology and tokenization of assets, but suggested that the aSSIST MBA program has an even broader focus:

"The aSSIST Business School Crypto MBA goes beyond the blockchain technology and focuses on financial and management innovations, and will contribute towards creating a digital financial powerhouse by collaborating with the best management and economics professors and industry experts."

Author: Ken Chase

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