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At some point in time most of us have thought about an investment we wished we had purchased. It represented that once in a lifetime foresight that turned everyday people into millionaires and may have spawned a new industry, a slew of copycats, how-to books, etc.

There are a couple of things most of these successful investments had in common:
1. Someone was willing to assume a certain amount of risk
2. They invested early

For the next several years, well chosen digital currencies have a good chance of outperforming almost every currency investment choice we have.

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What is it that stops people from taking on the risk associated with higher yield investments? Many people can become so paralyzed by the fear of failure, of being wrong, or of losing money, that they do nothing. They stick within their comfort zone and go for what they think is a guaranteed risk-free investment, usually a savings account or term deposit. The closest thing to a guarantee here is not the risk-free investment, but rather the money you will likely lose because the interest rate can't keep up with the inflation that is eating away at the value of your savings.

Without risk, there would be no ideas, innovation, records broken, or advancements in any field. Simply put, any large payoff entails a certain degree of risk.

In order to build wealth, enough to fund a retirement for example, one must be willing to accept a significant amount of risk when investing. To meet this goal, it is recommended that everyone has 5 - 10% of their portfolio in alternative investments. These types of investments, while riskier, typically yield a much higher rate of return. Alternative investments can include such things as real estate, gold, silver, and other commodities as well as more sophisticated investments like hedge funds. The latest investment to be added to this category is cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency industry is new and it takes very little to get your 'feet wet' investing in it. You can literally start with pennies if you so desire. If your fear is losing your hard earned dollars, give up something you would have spent (or wasted) money on anyway, and put your savings towards investing. One small Starbucks latte everyday can add up to over $1200 every year, with nothing to show for in the end. Skip one or two coffees a week and take a chance on Bitcoin, DNotes, or another reputable cryptocurrency.

You should never blindly follow the herd or invest because you read it here. But if you believe that an investment that acts as a global currency, allows you to be your own bank, appreciates in value (unlike cash), transfers instantly around the world with almost zero fees, protects you from bank and government corruption, and shields your wealth from inflation, has the potential to actually work, you owe it to yourself to check it out and take a chance.

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Author: Chase Green

Chase believes that digital currency has the capacity to end the cycle of poverty plaguing women and children today. She is dedicated to helping them learn about and invest early in this growing industry. Chase is the creator of the CRISP, the CRISP For Kids Director, and the CryptoMoms Administrator. She is also committed to a cleaner environment and sustainable living.

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