The Crypto Capitalism Center at Western University’s Ivey Business School

Executive Brief

The Crypto Capitalism Center is a research project that collects and analyzes data on fintech and the rise of the bitcoin economy. Founded in 2014 by Jean-Philippe Vergne, a professor at Ivey Business School in Ontario, Canada, the data is used to publish unbiased, high quality research papers and to develop educational material. Since a lot of the existing publicly available research has been done with a definite slant toward whatever side of the bitcoin / fintech table you are on, the work done by the Center will be a valuable resource to regulators, policy makers, and others needing accurate information.

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"Bitcoin and the rise of crypto capitalism"

"Of particular interest is the rise of bitcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency relying on blockchain technology to facilitate transactions. Blockchain-based innovations are paving the way for a decentralized form of capitalism. And this is not just about new technology. Shifting social norms and expectations play an essential role in the emergence of what we could call crypto capitalism—a new age in history where transactions between people can be done seamlessly, digitally, securely and without the need for pre-existing trust, thanks to public-key cryptography." Crypto Capitalism Center

The bitcoin and cryptocurrency data collected so far, some of it going back to 2009, includes changes in regulation and media perception, daily market data of fifty cryptocurrencies, media visibility, social acceptance, as well as business adoption and activity. Research papers that will be of particular interest to the bitcoin industry include:

"Categorical anarchy in the UK? British media’s classification of bitcoin and the limits of categorization" (JP Vergne & G Swain) [download]

"The segmentation of the cryptocurrency industry: A study of price decorrelations" (S Wang & JP Vergne). Under review

"The cryptocurrency market: Survival of the fittest?" (Y Hsieh & JP Vergne). Draft in preparation

The Crypto Capitalism Center has also demonstrated their commitment to fintech and bitcoin education. They have created courses that can provide both university students and business leaders with the knowledge needed to thrive in what some are calling the fourth industrial revolution. Equally impressive is their 60 minute Bitcoin Crash Course, because it allows everyone to learn about cryptocurrency in a time frame and price range (free) that is affordable to all.

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Author: Chase Green

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