Ukraine and Bitfury Group Partner for eGovernance

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Global blockchain firm Bitfury Group has joined with the Ukrainian government to provide the country with a blockchain platform for eGovernance. CEO Valery Vavilov revealed the partnership during an interview on Wednesday, and additional details about the undertaking were provided in a press release on the company web site on Thursday.

The effort will involve the implementation of a blockchain-based system that Ukraine’s government can use to store official government data - with a pilot project that will focus on public services, the health sector, energy, social security, and state registers. After the pilot is completed, the plan is to expand the eGovernance system to encompass every other area of government interest, including cybersecurity.

According to Ukraine’s State Agency for eGovernance head Oleksandr Ryzhenko, “[T]here’s no alternative way instead of bringing to public services latest technologies. Blockchain has proved itself as a good ground for cost reduction, government efficiency & transparency to help reduce corruption. All these are among our goals. So we’re ready to bring blockchain as part of Ukrainian eGoverment strategy.”

Vavilov noted that this is the largest blockchain-based government project of its kind, and will provide Ukrainian citizens with a host of benefits:

“Our partnership with the Ukrainian government is about making the lives of the Ukrainian people better by making systems work for people and reducing friction across the board for all. We are grateful to the forward looking and determined Ukrainian Government for moving in this important direction. The Blockchain is a transformational technology that is easy to use, inexpensive, and much more secure than current systems.”

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Author: Ken Chase

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