UPS Announces Inxeption Blockchain E-Commerce Platform Collaboration for B2B






Shipping titan UPS announced this week that it is collaborating with e-commerce firm Inxeption on a blockchain-based e-commerce platform for business-to-business sales. According to a press release announcing the news, the collaborative alliance is designed to hasten business e-commerce adoption and facilitate merchants’ entry into the digital age.

The deal between UPS and Inxeption involves a platform integration that is being called Inxeption Zippy, which “helps businesses market and distribute their products on multiple online channels, from one secure place.” As the release notes:

The integration of UPS as the shipper of choice creates a seamless, end-to-end experience where merchants can view their entire supply chain from product listing to delivery. Merchants can now receive competitive UPS® global shipping, tracking and logistics services with a suite of sales and supply-chain management capabilities.

That suite of services will reportedly enable companies to build webpages, upload product details, schedule orders and shipments, track returns, manage purchases, process transactions, conduct, search engine marketing, and review analytics for sales and marketing.

UPS chief marketing officer Kevin Warren stressed the benefits for the company’s customers:

“The growth of e-commerce is driving B2B buyers to expect the same fast and convenient shopping experiences that consumers enjoy. Working with Inxeption is another way we’re creating innovative solutions that helps small businesses deliver quality service for their customers and succeed in e-commerce.”

Author: Ken Chase

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