Why Should People Learn About Cryptocurrency? Because It’s so Easy!

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What makes digital currency important? We've all heard the age-old argument that it's the way of the future. We all know it can aid unbanked populations and give third-world nations stronger access to credit and financial stability. So why are so many of us refusing to learn about it? Why have so many people turned away from virtual money?

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is that it's difficult to use, but this isn't necessarily true, and many platforms, such as the DNotesEDU app are aiming to change that. With digital currency education being made available and delivered to the masses, bitcoin and its crypto-cousins have the potential to grow in value, stabilize national societies and do all the incredible things they were designed to do. With education comes action. With action, the future can look brighter than ever.

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Why is it so important to incorporate digital currency usage into our society? For one thing, it’s the way of the future. As time goes by, more businesses are integrating bitcoin and bitcoin payments into their operations which in turn is leading to higher levels of regulation. Things started out with the BitLicense. We then witnessed attempts in California and North Carolina, and areas such as Jersey are looking to integrate digital currency regulation in 2016. The old idea that bitcoin is a commodity has been knocked into the blue. We are now heading towards new turf, where bitcoin and its crypto-cousins are looked at as true forms of useable money…

But we’ve all heard this before. Any bitcoin advocate will tell you that digital currency isn’t going anywhere, despite all the doubters and non-believers it continues to face. We’ve heard arguments like this in the past, and we’ll likely continue hearing them further down the line. So what else makes cryptocurrency education so important?

Well, how about the fact that it’s so easy? There are several misconceptions that continue to plague bitcoin, the most common being that it’s too difficult to use. One hears the words “binary numbers” or “digital” and they automatically think, “Yikes! I’m not a computer person! Heck, I have trouble sending and receiving emails! What makes anyone think I could ever understand bitcoin?”

As someone who has been writing about the digital currency sector for nearly two years, I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I once held this attitude myself, and nearly four months went by of producing bitcoin-based articles for the web publications I was working for before I even looked into cryptocurrency for myself, and even that happened by coincidence.

A funny opportunity came along one day where one of my supervisors made an offer of holiday bonuses to me and the rest of the staff, and surprise! They were to be delivered in bitcoin! Naturally, I felt a little fear. For the past several months, the topics I had been writing about involved cyberattacks, Ponzi schemes and many other things that would make honest traditionalists run and hide. It took a few back and forth emails with my boss before I was finally convinced. I went to Coinbase.com, opened a bitcoin wallet for myself and witnessed my bonus make its way into my hands.

What happened next truly surprised me. I saw a button at the top of my account that said “Sell Bitcoin.” I clicked on it and was directed to the page where I could trade my bitcoins in for fiat currency. A few clicks of my mouse, and voila! I received notification that the money would be transferred to my bank within a few days. That’s all it took. I walked away feeling relieved and foolish at the same time. The process had been easier than I ever expected, and I was embarrassed that so many incorrect notions regarding the very currency I had been writing about could be locked up inside my head for so long.

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this revelation. Those delving in cryptocurrency on a daily basis know how easy it is to use and appreciate. The real trouble is that despite bitcoin’s seven-year history, practitioners are still in the minority. Most people admit to knowing little to nothing about bitcoin, and many believe it to be much more complicated than it actually is.

Bitcoin could earn the reputation it deserves. It could grow heavily in value, garner worldwide acceptance and move forward to do all the great things it was designed to do, but there are many obstacles in its way, a big one being society’s misconceptions regarding the feasibility of its use.

So how do we get past all this? How do we control our fear and anxiety? It’s simple… We’ve all heard the old saying, “We fear what we do not understand,” so the time has come to understand bitcoin. Platforms such as the new DNotesEDU app are looking to solve this problem. With the intention of teaching our Average Joes and Janes about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology it runs on, DNotesEDU offers an educational guide that looks to answer all the basic questions and then some. DNotesEDU gives all people, even those with little to no technical background, an equal opportunity to learn about digital currency in these early stages. It features a user-friendly interface, comprehensive how-to guides, definitions, helpful links, a quiz and ongoing updates.

Advertising for the app is also being used to fund organizations such as FF4DC, which stands for Fire Fighters for Digital Currency. FF4DC is a non-profit intended to raise digital currency awareness in the firefighter community, and help their organizations prosper. Cryptocurrency is now even managing to attract the attention of specific groups and individuals.

Digital currency is easy, but refusing to understand it can make things hard. So let’s not make things hard for ourselves. Let’s give digital currency a chance. It could carry us farther than we think.

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Author: Nick Marinoff

Nick Marinoff is a freelance author, writer and journalist. His first book, "Take a 'Loan' Off Your Shoulders: 14 Simple Tricks for Graduating Debt Free" is now available on Amazon.com amazon.com/author/nickmarinoff. He is currently a lead content writer and news editor for Money & Tech, and is a regular contributor to both NewsBTC and Bitcoinist.net. Other publications include Black Impact Magazine, Benzinga.com and The Loan Gurus, to name a few. He is a proud graduate of FHSU in Hays, KS.

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