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IRS Official Says Agency is Concerned about Tax Issues Related to Crypto ATMS, Kiosks

IRS Criminal Investigation Chief John Fort confirmed this week that his agency is now focused on investigating possible tax issues involving Bitcoin ATMs and cryptocurrency kiosks, Bloomberg Law reports. Fort revealed the agency’s interest in the machines during a recent blockchain conference in New York:

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Report: BRICS Business Council Discusses Joint Cryptocurrency and Payment System

Members of the BRICS Business Council reportedly discussed the possibility of creating a joint cryptocurrency and a new international payment system, Russian financial media outlet RBC reported this week. The council apparently expressed support for the idea while meeting in Brazil at the annual BRICS Summit.

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Worldline Partners with Bitcoin Suisse to Provide Merchant Cryptocurrency Payments Services in Switzerland

European payments service firm Worldline is partnering with Swiss cryptocurrency company Bitcoin Suisse to provide digital currency payment services to consumers and merchants in Switzerland. Bitcoin Suisse recently announced that the two companies have signed a letter of intent, which is designed to increase acceptance and adoption of digital currency across the country.

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Chinese Military Newspaper Proposes Rewarding Soldiers with Cryptocurrency

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) newspaper, the PLA Daily, proposed this week that the military’s adoption of blockchain technology could enable it to reward soldiers with digital currency tokens, the South China Morning Post reports.

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In New Court Filing, Telegram Rejects SEC Claims, Asks Court to Dismiss Complaint

In a November 12 court filing, Messaging app service Telegram has asked the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York to dismiss the complaint filed against it by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC’s complaint had enabled regulators to obtain an emergency injunction preventing Telegram from issuing its Gram token to investors, based on the commission’s determination that the tokens are securities.

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Tunisia Denies Reports of Central Bank Digital Dinar

Russian media outlet Tass recently reported that the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) was preparing to launch its own blockchain-based digital currency. In a press release, the bank has denied those claims, including reporting that suggested that it had partnered with blockchain firm Universa and planned to host its digital dinar on that company’s blockchain.

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Former ECB President Says He’s ‘Strongly Against Bitcoin’

Former European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet had some harsh words for cryptocurrency over the weekend, the South China Morning Post reports. Trichet noted that he’s opposed to Bitcoin and suggested that cryptocurrency should not represent the future of money.

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Andreessen Horowitz Launching Blockchain Startup Course

Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz will be launching a new course for entrepreneurs who want to create cryptocurrency and blockchain startups, CNBC reports. The firm announced the news on Friday. The fund’s co-head, Chris Dixon, told CNBC that the project will offer entrepreneurs a “new way” to build their startups”

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Tunisia Announces it Will Launch Blockchain-Based Digital Dinar

Tunisia is reportedly gearing up to move some of its national currency to a blockchain platform, creating its own central bank digital currency, Russian news outlet Tass reported this week. The digital dinar will be backed by paper currency and will include anti-counterfeit features.

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UN Report Accuses North Korea of Laundering Money through Hong Kong Blockchain Company

The United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea is accusing North Korea of laundering cyber currency through a blockchain-based shipping and logistics firm in Hong Kong. According to South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo, the money laundering scheme is part of North Korea’s broader efforts to evade U.S. and international sanctions.

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