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Mexico Will Introduce Bill to Regulate FinTech

According to a report from Reuters, Mexican officials have drafted a legislative proposal that would regulate the country’s FinTech industry. President Enrique Pena Nieto has said that the proposed bill will be introduced in the Mexican Senate by September 20. The draft language recognizes the important contribution that the financial technology sector makes to the nation’s economy, and stresses the need for regulatory action:

Columbus GA Medical Clinic Now Accepting Bitcoin

A Columbus GA medical clinic announced this week that it will now accept Bitcoin as payment for services. In a press release announcing the decision, the clinic referred to the digital currency as a “completely independent money system” and praised its lack of restrictions, outside controls, and hidden fees. The announcement claims that the center will be among the first in its area to accept the world’s most well-known digital currency.

NE Lawyers Advisory Committee: Attorneys May Accept Bitcoin

Nebraska attorneys who have been wondering whether they can ethically accept Bitcoin from their clients received an answer this week from the state’s Lawyers Advisory Committee. In an opinion dated September 11, the eight-person ethics panel ruled that the state’s lawyers can accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without raising ethical concerns, if they take certain precautions.

Chinese Exchanges Announce End to Trading

BTC China has announced that it will no longer provide a platform for digital currency trading, effective September 30, 2017, and has already moved to halt new account registrations. The news comes as statements from unnamed official sources indicate that Chinese regulators have started to deliver shutdown directives to the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges.

Steve Wasserman: “Vments will meet incumbent financial services demand for digital innovation in an environment that threatens their relevance.”

Digital currency and online data management are at the frontier of transformational change in banking and financial services, as innovations in the blockchain space are changing the rules in the competitive financial landscape. DCEBrief spoke with Steve Wasserman — the founder of two highly successful startups that both made it into Inc’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies. His latest venture VmentsTM offers digital products and services designed to better serve the needs of banks and other financial entities in the blockchain era.

New Reports: North Korean Interest in Cryptocurrency Rising

As the United States and the international community continue their efforts to isolate North Korea by tightening the existing sanctions regime, recent reports suggest that the country’s government may be pursuing alternative means for financing its nuclear goals. CNBC and CNN recently reported on intelligence indicating that the rogue nation is increasingly focused on mining and stealing Bitcoin.

Bank of Finland Economists: “Revolutionary” Bitcoin “Cannot be Regulated”

As Bitcoin has risen in value throughout 2017, there’s been an increase in calls for regulation of the digital currency space. Various governments around the world have moved to change laws and regulations to provide some level of control over the industry. According to a group of economists at the Bank of Finland, however, those regulations might be unnecessary.

Swiss Municipality to Accept Bitcoin for Tax Payments

Citizens in the Swiss municipality of Chiasso will soon have the option to pay some of their taxes using Bitcoin. Beginning in January 2018, the government will initiate a trial that will permit area residents to use the digital currency for up to 250 Swiss francs of taxes. The decision comes as officials in Chiasso continue their efforts to attract more digital currency startups to the area.

Russia Reportedly Making Plans to Subsidize Domestic Crypto Mining

Russia’s complex relationship with digital currency took another interesting turn this week, as news reports suggest that the government is preparing to provide electricity subsidies to its domestic Bitcoin miners. The Russian news outlet Izvestiya reportedly broke the news, as Institute for Internet Development (IRI) project activities director Arseny Shcheltsin reportedly confirmed that authorities are creating a test program to provide the country’s digital currency miners with discounted electricity.

Caixin – Chinese Media Outlet – Reported China to Shut Down Crypto Exchanges Via Unnamed Sources

A report from Caixin sent the Bitcoin community into a tailspin today, after the Chinese media outlet suggested that the nation’s regulatory authorities were preparing to shut down domestic digital currency exchanges. The report is based on information from unnamed sources, who claim that the authorities have already issued an order directing local regulators to begin the process of closing those exchanges.

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