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Peach to Accept Bitcoin Payments

In a statement released earlier this week, Japanese budget airline Peach Aviation Ltd announced that it will add Bitcoin as a payment option for its customers before the end of 2017 – making Peach the first Japanese airline to accept the digital currency. In addition, the company has announced its intention to place Bitcoin ATMs at airports, to provide its customers with easier access to Bitcoin.

Fidelity Adding Customer Crypto Holdings Info to Website

Fidelity Investments CEO Abigail Johnson has made no secret of her love of technology, and she’s certainly not shy about expressing her appreciation for Bitcoin, the blockchain, and other aspects of the digital currency universe. In a speech to the attendees of the Consensus 2017 conference on Tuesday, she doubled down on that support for digital currency technology, and announced that Fidelity will soon provide its customers with the ability to track their cryptocurrency holdings on the Fidelity website.

Toyota Exploring Blockchain Tech for Future Automobiles

With blockchain technology gaining increased attention from an ever-expanding array of industries, it was only a matter of time until the auto industry began to take serious notice too. Toyota Research Institute’s announcement at Consensus 2017 yesterday revealed that Toyota is serious about exploring the technology as it seeks to develop the vehicles of the future.

DNotes Prepares to Introduce DNotes 2.0 Update; Launches New Bitcointalk Forum Thread

DNotes has announced that its upcoming DNotes 2.0 upgrade will include innovative features and applications relating to smart contracts, blockchain technologies, mobile applications, and global payments systems. The upgrade is expected to launch later in 2017, and the company is unveiling a new Bitcointalk Forum in preparation for the event.

Dubai Drive to Integrate Blockchain into Smart City Continues

Earlier this month, the largest bank in Dubai, Emirates NBD, unveiled plans to integrate blockchain technology into its checks as it launched an initiative that has been referred to as “Cheque Chain.” The project involves adding printed Quick Response (QR) codes to the bank’s checks, with each code eventually registered on the Emirates NBD blockchain to strengthen authenticity and reduce fraud. As the bank’s Group Chief Operating Officer Abdulla Qassem observed at the time:

Welcome to the Bitcoin 2000

Okay, maybe it’s not the Indianapolis 500, but anyone watching the Bitcoin rally over the last few weeks could certainly be forgiven for assuming that the world’s most well-known digital currency thinks that it’s on a race track. After all, this is a currency that began 2017 valued at just under $1,000. Over the course of the next few months, it struggled to gain traction for the upward price momentum so many observers were anticipating as the new year dawned. My, how quickly things can change.

Congress Wants Answers from IRS About Coinbase Summons and Investigation

If anyone at the Internal Revenue Service thought that the agency’s quest to force Coinbase to give up its customer records was a battle that would be fought only in the courts, a new development this week may have them questioning that assumption. A May 17 letter from three Congressional Republicans to IRS commissioner John Koskinen indicates that some in Congress may be prepared to flex their oversight muscle to protect taxpayers from the IRS’ unprecedented John Doe Summons.

Czech Retailer Alza Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments

With the help of payment gateway BitcoinPay, Czech online retailer Alza has moved to begin accepting Bitcoin payments, according to reporting by The decision was reportedly made in response to growing interest from the company’s customers in the Czech Republic and around the world. At the same time, Alza has also begun to install Bitcoin “exchange machines” in its Prague and Bratislava showrooms to enable consumers to buy Bitcoin using the Czech Koruna or the Euro.

New Motion Filed by Coinbase Users in Effort to Quash IRS John Doe Summons

After months of legal conflict between the IRS, Coinbase, and Berns Weiss LLP partner Jeffrey Berns over the tax agency’s effort to obtain customer records from digital currency exchange Coinbase, a new motion to quash the IRS John Doe summons was filed on May 15,2017. Berns Weiss LLP filed the motion to invalidate the summons on behalf of two Coinbase customers identified within the document as “John Doe 1” and “John Doe 2.”

Europol Chief: Ransomware Threat Not Over

The ransomware attack that began on Friday may have been slowed for the moment, but there are indications that another similar attack could occur as soon as Monday morning, according to Europol Director Rob Wainwright. In comments to the BBC, Wainwright confirmed that the cyberattack spread to 150 countries, victimizing thousands of people and firms.

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