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From All of Us to All of You, Happy Thanksgiving!

As families and friends gather to celebrate Thanksgiving across the United States, it is important to remember that the holiday is about more than just good food, football, and conversations around the dinner table. More than anything else, Thanksgiving is intended to be a day of gratitude – a day for being thankful for things that we often take for granted throughout the year. On this Thanksgiving Day in 2017, we asked the DNotes team what they’re most thankful for.

Report: JPMorgan Chase Considering Bitcoin Futures Contracts

Despite JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s harsh criticism of digital currency, the bank is reportedly looking at options that could provide its clients with access to CME Group’s proposed Bitcoin futures contracts. According to an unnamed source, JP Morgan Chase is currently taking stock of client demand and evaluating possible risks that might arise if the bank were to help its clients make those trades.

Alan Yong at World Funding Summit: “If You Truly Want to Change the World…”

Financiers, investors, and cryptocurrency innovators from around the world gathered in Los Angeles last weekend to participate in the recent World Funding Summit. The two-day conference focused on a wide range of topics, including crowdfunding liquidity, ICO and blockchain, royalty financing, angel investing and venture capital, and more. Those participants included DNotes Co-Founder Alan Yong, who was a featured speaker during the ICO and Cryptocurrency panel on the first day of the summit.

Moas Revises Bitcoin Price Target Again – to 14K

Less than a month ago, Standpoint Research analyst Ronnie Moas revised his Bitcoin price target to $11,000. As Bitcoin opened the week by hitting new highs above $8,200, Moas has again revised his estimates for 2018. He’s now predicting that the world’s most popular digital currency will increase in value to $14,000 by the end of next year.

India’s Supreme Court Calls for Government Response to Petition Seeking Bitcoin Regulation

The Supreme Court of India has submitted notices to several government ministries, seeking a response to a petition that calls for Bitcoin regulation. The notices were sent to three ministries – Finance, Law and Justice, and Information Technology – as well as to the nation’s central bank (RBI) and market regulator (SEBI). That petition cites Bitcoin’s perceived anonymity and lack of accountability, and references regulatory actions that have been taken by other countries around the globe.

LendEDU Survey Highlights Bitcoin Investor Expectations

LendEDU recently published new data that offers some key insights into Bitcoin investor expectations. LendEDU conducted several surveys over the last several months, questioning Americans about their attitudes toward Bitcoin, ICOs and a few other digital currencies. Those surveys revealed a consistent level of excitement for cryptocurrency’s potential as a currency and investment prospect.

Square’s Cash App Testing Bitcoin

The Square Cash app is now testing support for Bitcoin, and has provided a select group of customers with the ability to buy or sell the cryptocurrency within the app. The new feature is part of an effort by Square to explore how the company can improve the Bitcoin buying experience for those who want to invest in the world’s most well-known digital currency:

European Commission Studying Feasibility of EU Blockchain Infrastructure

The European Commission recently announced the launch of a new 250.000€ study designed to evaluate the potential for creating an EU-wide blockchain infrastructure. The Commission’s goal is to set the “right conditions for an open, innovative, trustworthy, transparent, and EU law compliant data and transactional environment”

Mnuchin: Treasury Watching Bitcoin ‘Very Carefully’

The government’s views on Bitcoin were one topic of discussion during U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s interview with Yahoo Finance markets correspondent Nicole Sinclair on Thursday. The Secretary offered few specifics and no timetable for announcing an official position, but did note that he remains concerned about the cryptocurrency’s potential for facilitating illegal activities:

Developers Drop Plans for SegWit2x, Bitcoin Reacts

The planned SegWit2x upgrade for Bitcoin was called off on Wednesday after developers announced that they would wait for the community to come to a broader agreement on the matter. That upgrade was originally scheduled to go into effect November 16, but saw support for the plan diminish in recent months.

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