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Georgia Senate Bill Would Enable Cryptocurrency Use for Tax Payments

Earlier this month, the Arizona Senate passed a bill designed to allow taxpayers to use cryptocurrencies to pay their state income taxes. This week, Georgia state Senators Joshua McKoon and Michael Williams introduced a bill to provide the same benefit to their state’s residents, Senate Bill 464.

Venezuela’s Maduro Claims Petro Presale Raised $735 Million in First Day

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is reportedly claiming success in his effort to raise much-needed capital through the sale of his country’s controversial digital currency, the petro. Pre-sales for the coin began on Tuesday, and Maduro quickly took to Twitter to announce that investors had pledged $735 million dollars’ worth of yuan.

UK Govt Launches Crypto Inquiry

UK lawmakers have announced the launch of a Treasury Select Committee inquiry that will examine digital currency and blockchain technology, according to reporting from The Telegraph and Reuters. The committee will be tasked with examining cryptocurrency’s potential impact, including risks to the nation’s consumers and business community.

PayPal CFO Rainey: Crypto Mass Acceptance and Widespread Use “Years Down the Road”

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, PayPal CFO John Rainey was asked about his views on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. He said that he doesn’t believe that Bitcoin is currently ready to serve as a reliable payment option, and he cited the digital currency’s high rate of volatility as a major reason why:

S&P: Regulation Key to Cryptocurrency’s Future Success

Though some financial experts have expressed concern that a collapse in the digital currency markets might affect the broader financial sector, a new report from US-based financial ratings firm Standard & Poor’s contends that any impact would be almost negligible at this point. According to S&P’s assessment, the markets would only be impacted if cryptocurrencies became a serious asset class and enjoyed the market confidence that comes from proper regulatory oversight.

DNotesEDU Prioritizes Investor Protection in Cryptocurrency Education

Cryptocurrency education platform DNotesEDU has announced a massive upgrade, offering expanded content that provides entry level educational material focusing on cryptocurrency and personal finance. According to DNotesEDU education director Brandon Cheliak, the changes are an effort to address the cryptocurrency market’s current lack of sound information about investor protection and education.

Denison Yachting Now Accepts Crypto for High-End Yachts

Florida’s Denison Yachting announced on Friday that digital currency owners can use their cryptocurrencies at the Miami International Boat Show to buy a luxury yacht. The company had previously made such transactions possible through BitPay, with customer crypto holding converted into fiat currency to make the purchase.

DNotes Turns Four

As human beings, we tend to mark the passage of time by holding certain dates and events in high regard – especially those dates that have a special meaning for us. That’s why we celebrate things like birthdays and anniversaries. They provide us an opportunity to take stock of where we’ve come from by celebrating specific milestones that have helped to bring us to where we are now. At DNotes, we’re now celebrating a very important milestone, as we prepare to enjoy our four-year anniversary. Yes, it’s been four years since DNotes first launched – and what a four-year journey it has been!

As part of that celebration, I would like to review the path we’ve taken to get to where we are, to better understand just how far we’ve come. In addition, I think it’s important to look at where we’re going in the immediate future as we roll out new features and services in the months and years to come. As anyone who has followed our progress over the last four years already knows, DNotes is an idea with world changing possibilities. I hope you’ll join me as we celebrate yet another milestone on the path to realizing its true potential.

WH Cybersecurity Coordinator: Govt Not Yet Ready to Regulate Crypto

The United States government is still researching digital currency and examining its risks and potential benefits. As a result, US authorities are not yet ready to create a regulatory framework for the industry, according to remarks made by White House cybersecurity coordinator Rob Joyce at the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

Bitcoin Regains $10,000 Mark

The price of Bitcoin continued to rise on Thursday, peaking at above the $10,000 mark – a height last seen more than two weeks ago. The cryptocurrency markets have been rallying in recent days, as investor fears about potentially crippling government regulation have appeared to subside amid a host of more positive news.

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