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UK’s FCA Confirms It Opened 24 Investigations of Crypto Entities

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has confirmed that it has launched 24 investigations of “unauthorized” cryptocurrency companies, to assess whether they are engaged in activities that are subject to FCA regulatory authority, according to a May 25 report from news outlet CityWire. The regulators also reportedly confirmed that they have opened seven whistleblower cases since the beginning of the year.

DOJ Opens Probe into Possible Crypto Price Manipulation

The United States Department of Justice has launched a criminal probe to determine whether digital currency prices have been manipulated by crypto traders, according to reports from Bloomberg and other media outlets. The probe reportedly involves an investigation into possible spoofing and wash trading, both of which are considered illicit trading activities that could influence trading prices.

CryptalDash Exchange Announces June 19 Listing for DNotes Trading

Cryptocurrency exchange CryptalDash, which describes itself as “the world’s first integrated cryptocurrency exchange,” announced on Wednesday that its platform will soon list the DNotes (NOTE) digital currency. The company has confirmed that its customers will be able to begin trading DNotes on the exchange on June 19, 2018.

Trust and the Crypto Ecosystem: Why the Crypto Industry Should Welcome Sensible Regulation

While many crypto investors are keeping an anxious eye on the blockchain bubble, there is another area of concern that they should also be watching: the regulatory front. Even now, state and national governments around the world are stepping up their efforts to bring some sense of regulatory order to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. And while it’s true that digital currencies were originally developed as a way of getting around invasive financial controls, there should be little doubt that the industry must eventually make peace with the idea of sound regulation if it wants to ever achieve true mass acceptance and adoption.

UK Mosque Says Bitcoin Permissible for Crypto Donations

There has been an ongoing debate in the Muslim community about whether digital currencies can ever be compliant with Islamic law. Recently, Islamic experts from the Masjid Ramadan mosque in east London declared that cryptocurrency is permissible if its users utilize it “in a lawful manner.” The mosque, commonly known as the Shacklewell Lane Mosque, will now be accepting crypto from Muslim users who want to use digital currencies for their zakat donations during Ramadan.

ACCC Report: 1,000+ Australians Fell Prey to Crypto Scams in 2017

More than one thousand Australians were victimized by various cryptocurrency scams in 2017, according to a recently released report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Victims lost a total of AU $2.1 million to scams involving fake ICOs, assorted pyramid schemes, and even non-crypto schemes where the scammers simply required victims to use crypto as payment.

WSJ Reports Coinbase Discussed Banking License with Regulators

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Coinbase met with regulatory officials early in 2018 to discuss possible acquisition of a banking license. The meeting was reportedly conducted with the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, according to an unnamed “person familiar with the matter.”

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Explains Why Consensus 2018 Bitcoin Rally Failed to Materialize

A week before the Consensus cryptocurrency conference got underway in Manhattan, Fundstrat Global Advisors research head Tom Lee predicted that the gathering in Manhattan would spark a rally in Bitcoin’s price. Instead, cryptocurrency prices declined throughout the event, falling roughly ten percent.

Buffet is Wrong: Cryptocurrency Has Value Because Consumers Want It

Cryptocurrency is about more than just fundamental value, it’s about consumer trends too.

In a recent Fox Business interview, Warren Buffet was critical of Bitcoin, describing it as ‘rat poison squared’ in reference to the cryptocurrency’s rocketing growth in the last five years.

Swiss Govt Requests Study of Possible State-Backed Cryptocurrency

Switzerland’s Federal Council has formally requested that the Finance Ministry conduct a study of the risks and potential benefits of a government-backed cryptocurrency, according to a Thursday report from Reuters. The request was made at the urging of the vice president of Switzerland’s Social Democratic Party, Cedric Wermuth, and now moves to the lower house of parliament for approval.

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