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Court Fines Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Operator $2.5 Million

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced on Thursday that its first Bitcoin-related anti-fraud enforcement action had yielded a significant victory, after a Federal court in New York ordered Nicholas Gelfman and Gelfman Blueprint, Inc (GBI) to pay civil penalties and restitution totaling more than $2.5 million. The defendants had been accused by the CFTC of operating a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme.

Report Finds Rising Demand for Crypto and Blockchain Talent

Glassdoor’s economic research team released a new report on blockchain and crypto job trends Thursday that revealed a marked increase in job openings throughout the crypto industry. The findings suggested that the number of open positions for blockchain-related employment surged by roughly 300 percent in the last year.

Coinbase to Launch Dublin Office

Coinbase has announced that the company will be opening a new office in Dublin, Ireland. The move is reportedly designed to ensure that the cryptocurrency exchange can continue to effectively serve customers in the EU, regardless of the outcome of the UK’s Brexit negotiations. A report from The Telegraph described the move as part of Coinbase’s “Brexit contingency planning.”

Fidelity to Launch New Crypto Asset Company

Fidelity Investments announced Monday that it will be launching a new company that will focus on managing digital currency assets for its clients, according to Bloomberg. The company revealed that its Fidelity Digital Assets business will provide crypto security, custody, trade execution, and customer services for trading firms, hedge funds, and other Fidelity customers.

South Korea’s Top Financial Regulator Still Wary of ICO Risk

South Korean Financial Services Commission Chairman Choi Jong-koo has been a critic of initial coin offerings in the past. Judging from comments he made during a recent National Assembly audit session of his agency, he still views them as an unacceptable risk and a potential threat to investors.

Fake Flash Updates Reportedly Used for Cryptojacking that Installs Crypto Miners

NBC News reported this week on a Palo Alto Networks blog post that revealed an effort by some cryptojackers to use a fake Adobe Flash update to install cryptocurrency miners on computers. The cybersecurity company announced the findings on Thursday, and confirmed that the malware used to execute the cryptojacking is far more deceptive than most fake Flash updates

CipherTrace Report: Crypto Theft on the Rise in 2018

A new report from cybersecurity company CipherTrace was released this week, and its findings suggest that the first nine months of 2018 saw a dramatic rise in thefts involving cryptocurrency. The report found that $927 million in cryptocurrency was stolen from digital currency exchanges and other platforms between January and September, according to Reuters.

Senate Banking Committee Hearing Offers Two Opposing Views on Crypto

U.S. Senators who attended the Banking Committee hearing on cryptocurrencies Thursday were provided two vastly different assessments of the technology and its potential, according to a report from the Washington Examiner. The hearing featured testimony from Bitcoin skeptic Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini and Coin Center research director Peter Van Valkenburgh.

Blockfolio Raises $11 Million in Funding

Millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts rely on the Blockfolio app to track their digital currency portfolio in real-time. On Wednesday, the company announced that its latest funding efforts have raised $11.5 million in capital, according to Fortune.

FINMA Issues First Crypto Asset Management License

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) announced today that it has granted a cryptocurrency asset management license to Crypto Finance AG subsidiary Crypto Fund, according to reports from Swiss media outlet Swissinfo.

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