Acronis to Use Blockchain for Secured Storage Product

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When you think about data backup software, you most likely think about Acronis, they have been a leader in the field for almost as long as it has existed. Now Acronis are looking to blockchain to enhance their storage solutions with a new, security focused online storage product known as Acronis Storage. The new product uses blockchain to provide the security and verification of each document stored on the system. The distributed ledger providing a constant reference to ensure any changes to documents are logged to provide clear accountability.

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One of the world leaders in providing backup software solutions, Acronis, has long been an innovator in the storage market. It recently announced a new offering, a secured storage solution they are calling Acronis Storage. The system is offered to both individual and business customers and seeks to provide increased security and monitoring accountability compared to rival solutions. The system uses blockchain technology to provide both the security and monitoring aspects of the service.

By tying the storage to blockchain infrastructure, the system timestamps a document each time it is accessed. Each access means another timestamp, along with a log of the modification made to the document or file. The verification of these transactions would follow the distributed, decentralized network protocols associated with blockchain operation. In essence, each document loaded to the server will have a digital fingerprint logged in the blockchain. Because each participant in the blockchain ledger on the network will have the same fingerprint copy, the data can be easily accessed anytime and is validated by every copy. Every access and modification to the document will be logged, ensuring that not only is the system secure, the history of each document can be accurately tracked for discrepancies.

The new system is targeted at industries that rely on secure, reliable data. Intellectual property, such as designs, manuscripts and so on are particularly suited to the idea, while businesses involved in property or other asset ownership would similarly see improved efficiency and reliability for the technology.

It is interesting how blockchain is being adapted today, when the first flurry of big money investments appeared the focus was almost exclusively on applications within the financial services industry. Now we see new ideas about the possibilities of blockchain almost weekly, and it seems that the ideas are becoming more focused on the benefits and capabilities that blockchain brings to the table. Here, for instance, the logging and security inherent in a blockchain infrastructure make such a storage solution viable, and it seems that the industry today is rapidly maturing.

A few years ago, we seemed to be swamped with ideas that were trying to force the use of blockchain in somewhere for the sake of it being called a blockchain project, now we have projects that seek to exploit the abilities of the technology itself. In the long term, this move is necessary for the digital currency industry to have sustainable growth.

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