Andreessen Horowitz Launching Blockchain Startup Course







Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz will be launching a new course for entrepreneurs who want to create cryptocurrency and blockchain startups, CNBC reports. The firm announced the news on Friday. The fund’s co-head, Chris Dixon, told CNBC that the project will offer entrepreneurs a “new way” to build their startups”

“If this works the way we hope it does, it will be a new way to build start-up. You can build social networks and marketplaces using a lot of these concepts that have pretty profound business and social societal implications.”

According to initial reports, the course will be free for founding entrepreneurs, and last for seven weeks. It is expected to begin in February, with an inaugural class of some 40 entrepreneurs who will receive education about emerging technologies. Once the initial class ends, the courses will be offered for free online.

Dixon said that the course would be made available with “no strings attached” for participating entrepreneurs. Instead, Andreessen Horowitz believes that their venture will create enough good will that companies will come back to partner with them later:

“Our general view is if we build goodwill, people will want to come to work with us — so it’s in that spirit. If they do go start a company, we hope we’ll be one of their first phone calls but there’s no requirement for that.”

Author: Ken Chase

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