Op-Ed: How ZIRP Ends with The Biggest Bang of All

Op-Ed: How ZIRP Ends with The Biggest Bang of All

Whenever I hear people talking about cryptocurrencies, much of the conversation always seems to focus on the unsustainability of fiat currency. The common assumption is that the word’s fiat currency system is eventually going to collapse. However, it’s rare to find anyone talking about how that will happen. What issues will drive that collapse, and – perhaps more importantly – how will we be able to recognize it when it’s happening? Because the answers to those questions seem to be so complex, most people don’t ever bother to address them at all. The truth is, though, that the real issues are simple to understand once they’re laid out on the table. This article will attempt to explain some of these complex financial matters in simpler terms to facilitate a greater understanding of the problem at hand.

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