Being Paid in Bitcoin Becomes More Secure

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There are an ever growing army of people who are using the internet and its ability to allow us to make connections around the world to build a career. Freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs in ever greater numbers are providing work to businesses and individuals all around the world, and Bitwage has been providing a secure, bitcoin based payment system for these people for a while. Now they are making this service even more attractive with the addition of a verification service to help build trust between customers and providers through their My Employment service.

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Adding usability is key to the expanded use of digital currencies, and Bitcoin has been leading the way for some time with several initiatives helping people to obtain, spend and convert the currency easily. One of these has been the work of Bitwage, a Bitcoin payment solution that provides a platform for employees, contractors and freelancers to be paid in a variety of ways, including Bitcoin itself.

To add more features and make the process of payments more user friendly, Bitwage have recently announced a new verification system that helps workers build trust with potential customers and present verified work history and references. The system, called My Employment (M.E.), provides each user with an employee profile that allows them to integrate verified information from previous clients and freelancer marketplaces regarding reputation and payments.

This verified payment structure provides a very different kind of reputation management than a review based system, as it removes the subjective element always present with reviews and places a direct value on work. There is no danger of false reviews as can be seen in other systems, here, the system is based upon verified monetary payments.

With various levels of privacy for data, and ‘verified user’ badges that can be added to websites or user profiles on freelancer marketplaces, this is also a viable means of promotion. For the growing number of freelancers and contractors not only does Bitwage offer secure payments, but now those payments can be leveraged to build trust with existing and potential customers right across the internet.

These kinds of initiatives, that not only make payments in digital currencies much easier, but provide significant added value for doing so, really help the broader cryptocurrency industry. By building a network of freelancers, entrepreneurs and contractors who use digital currency for business payments, it is laying the foundation of cryptocurrency use for the wider audience. The use of those payments to verify the value of each user’s output is incredibly clever, adding security and trust into the system that competing services based upon fiat monetary payments simply do not have.

Author: Nick Marinoff

Nick Marinoff is a freelance author, writer and journalist. His first book, "Take a 'Loan' Off Your Shoulders: 14 Simple Tricks for Graduating Debt Free" is now available on He is currently a lead content writer and news editor for Money & Tech, and is a regular contributor to both NewsBTC and Other publications include Black Impact Magazine, and The Loan Gurus, to name a few. He is a proud graduate of FHSU in Hays, KS.

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